Office 365 SSO Content Map

This topic is intended to act as a roadmap for IT Professionals looking for Single Sign-On (SSO) content that is applicable to Microsoft Office 365 services. It includes links to Office 365-specific guidance about how to plan, deploy, administer and troubleshoot AD FS 2.0 & related software on-premises to enable SSO functionality. The following TOC list can be used to help you quickly jump to the relevant content category that is most applicable to your specific documentation needs.

Learn more about Office 365 SSO

  About AD FS 2.0

  About Directory Synchronization (DirSync)


Design & Deploy Office 365 SSO

  Plan and Design

  Additional Deployment Considerations

  Related Community Created Content

Manage Office 365 SSO

  Federation Server Proxy



Troubleshoot Office 365 SSO

  Admin Portal Experience



Additional Office 365 SSO References

  Related Community Forums

  Software Downloads