Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync)

This Wiki includes resources for Skype for business users and Admins. You’ll learn how to sign in, set up your audio & video, add contacts, schedule meetings and more. If you’re an Admin, see the help topics about setting up Skype for business, managing your users, configuring presence  and other admin related tasks. 

Skype for Business help topics for users

Learn how to install Skype for business, sign in and set up your audio and video devices. You’ll also learn how to add contacts, work with Instant Messages, schedule meetings and present your content.  

  • Install Skype for Business on your PC - You get the Skype for Business download from the Office 365 portal, and then install it on your computer. These steps usually take 10-15 minutes to do.
  • Sign in to and out of Skype for Business - After you Install Skype for Business and sign in to it for the first time, you’ll be automatically signed in to Skype for Business the next time you log in on that same computer.
  • Skype for Business help - Learn about all the features that you can use with Skype for business, such as IMs, scheduling and joining meetings, using meeting tools to present, making calls and troubleshooting issues. You’ll also learn how to set up and use Skype for business on your mobile and Mac devices. 
  • Quick Start Guides about Skype for Business - You can view these Quick Start Guides online, or download, print out and keep handy as you learn your way around Skype for business.

            These scenario based training courses help you use Skype for business to get your work done quickly and efficiently.  

Troubleshooting Skype for Business issues

Use the resources below if you run into any issues signing in, setting up your devices, connecting to your account, resetting your PIN and other issues.  

Skype for Business help topics for Admins 

The topics below help you set up Skype for business, manage your users, configure presence and manage other tasks in Skype for business.