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c:\program files\microsoft office 15\clientx64\integratedoffice.exe error

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I have recently purchased office 365 however everytime i attempt to install the program i get the error:

c:\program files\microsoft office 15\clientx64\integratedoffice.exe


I have looked over the forum and found that this error is due to the fact that I have installed office previously. This is true office 2010 was previously installed and has now been uninstalled. I have attempted to use the forum to find feedback on what to do however have not resolved this issue to date and continue to get the error.


Can someone suggest what i need to do to fix the problem. I am running windows 7 software.



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  • Hi Bruce,

    Please refer to the article below and use the Fix it in this article to solve the problem:


    Nancy Xie

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  • Nancy,

    I hsvr tried this link aready and either it is down or doesnt work as I was not able to run the patch.

    Any other suggestions??? Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Bruce,

    I’d like to know if there are any errors when you were not able to run the patch. Please try to right click it and run as administrator. Otherwise, you can try the following link to manually uninstall Office:

    Moreover, you can refer to the link below to delete the entire Windows Office subdirectory structure mentioned in the error message and killed off several registry entries relating to Office to have a try:

    If the issue persists, I recommend you post a new question on the Office forum for more dedicated support:

    Support engineers there are professional at handling these issues, which can help resolve the problem more efficiently. We are sure you can find more information there.


    Nancy Xie

  • Bruce, I'm in the same boat one with a big hole!

    "c:\program files\microsoft office 15\clientx64\integratedoffice.exe"

    I got this same error after I tried a Online Repair of my Office 365 for the 3rd time each and every time! Now I am getting very tired with this. I did everything that was suggested including hacking the registry. I get to a certain point with the re-installation of the re-installation, of the fraking re-installation. and then nothing works. A get a partial install with the apps where I don't have send/Receive in Outlook. I don't even have VBA access let alone the editor in Excel anymore. Completely gone!

    I get a weird message in Oultook saying I am reaching my "data limit" and to switch to Airplane mode! WHAT! This is a fraking desktop PC Window 7 (64bit) on a Intel Core i5-3450 system with a crap load of memory. What the heck happened? Why does the install app not know this? It did before.

    As of 4 days ago everything was working perfectly for a over a month. Then yesterday morning, I open a workbook in Excel, that I created and was working on for several days prior, and I started to get errors! I thought maybe it was the workbook itself. No it wasn't; other workbooks were generating similar errors. For some reason Office was removing all my VBA project files in the workbooks! I did a repair; then this entire frustrating loop of repair, re-install, repair, re-install, started!

    Yes I did use the Fixit apps for Office 2003 and Office 2007, which I had previously had on this system. In fact before I did that and before all this started to happen, both Office 2007 and Office 365 were coexisting fine together on this system.

    Now I get an error saying "We found a problem! ... We found a pre-release or Beta version of an Office product on your system and can't install because of it. Please uninstall ... " blah blah blah! Which Office? There is nothing listed in Programs and Features. I never installed any beta of anything what-so-ever!

    I have installed Office 365 on two other systems with no errors. The two systems are laptops; one is a Win7 and the other a Win8. They are working fine. In fact I took the workbook from my desktop and it opened properly on the Win7 laptop.

    The error messages I get, the install failures I get, the repair "Something is wrong" message I get, are all very frustrating. I have never ever experience this before with MS products and I have been using Office products since the good old days of Win3.1! What happened MS ?!?

    I want a fix NOW!