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Sharepoint Online

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Setting up Sharepoint has been running for 15 hours. Any opinions on how long it should take?
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  • Hi MMC,

    Do you just set up a new account for Office 365? When we set up SharePoint Online with new account, it may take up to 24 hours for provisioning. However, you can try the following steps to help us narrow down the issue:

    1. Try to access the SharePoint Online team site URL :

    2. Create a new admin account to access the team site


    Nancy Xie



    Setting up SharePoint...this may take a few minutes

    It is now Monday Morning -- "this may take a few minutes" is an understatement to say the least

    I tried the link -- Access Denied

    I have not found any place to create a new Admin account

    Just a FYI -- converting my domain, converting my users, and setting up the Lync account ran like a charm -- just stuck on Sharepoint

  • Setting up SharePoint...this may take a few minutes  -- is resolved -- now says I can manage Sharepoint. The Team site is alive. I belive the issue was the sequence of events. I tried to setup SharePoint in the Admin Portal before I assigened any Sharepoint Licenses.

    Now I am stuck on trying to set up My Sites for my students. Whenever I click on Manage Users to try to turn on My Sites - I receive "Unexpected Error"

  • Hi MMC,

    Glad to hear SharePoint Online for your tenant is provisioned now.

    At this time, I’d like to clarify which steps had you took to provision your users’ My Sites? Can you share your steps and the error screens here so that we can further troubleshoot the issue?

    In general, My Sites are provisioned when your users visit their My Site ( > My Content at the first time, and users’ My sites couldn’t be provisioned on administrator’s side.

    Best Regards,
    Evan Zhang

  • Evan,

    Convert Domain

    Convert Users

    Licensed all users for the A2 plan for Students

    Log into the portal

    Sharepoint Manage

       Manage Site Collections -- OK

       Configure InfoPath Forms Services -- OK -- although I know nothing about Infopath

       Manage User Profiles -- > UnExpected Error has occured

    Login with Student account


    Could not load user profile

    Any Help would be appriciated,

    Edward Martin

    CIO Martin Methodist College


  • Hi Edward,

    Thanks for your update, as well as your continued patience with this issue.

    It seems that SharePoint Online is not correctly provisioned for your tenant. To help us diagnose the issue, please do the following tests:

    1. Download and run Office 365 Desktop Setup tool, then test if you can access User Profiles menu at Administration center (
    2. Test if the same error occurs when you visit your users’ My Sites in different browsers (login with their account).
    3. Login with your users’ account, and test if you can visit the Team Site (

    If any error occurs, please capture some error screens, and post them here. They are very helpful for us to troubleshoot this issue.

    To upload the screen shots, click Use rich formatting when submitting your reply, and then click Insert Image (showed below).



    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Edward,

    How are things going on? Just checking in to make sure the above issue is solved now.


    Evan Zhang