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Exchange Online (Plan 1) and ADFS

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Hi all,


For a customer i'm currently looking at an implementation of single sign-on in combination with the Exchange Online (Plan 1) standalone.

Does this plan offer the same ADFS functionality as the E1-4 plans?


Kind regards,

Twan Grotenhuis

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  • Twan,

    In what way is your customer concerned? Precisely what is it your customer thinks will be missing?

    G. Ray Glenn Sr.  MSFT Moderator

    Microsoft Office 365 Technical Support Engineer

  • Well, since there was a post about the P plans not being able to do ADFS, there is a concern about ADFS and the E component plan Exchange online. I can see why this might be a strange question since it's an E-type component plan and ADFS is available in the E-plans. We just need conformation to make sure our assumption is right.

    Our customer wants to use only the Exchange online component (plan 1) But wants to integrate it into it's domain to reduce user maintenance and to provide the single sign-on experience.

    So the question is, is it possible to do ADFS when only using Exchange online (plan1)

  • I have the same question. Is ADFS Feature supported when only using sharepoint online (Plan 2)