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No mailbox database online with SSO

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Hi Again

Sadly the issue is not fully resolved.

The problem with the user mailbox in the sky is still there.

I'm able to send mails and recieve mail, but not able to loginto office 365 online with the user account via ADFS.

I have theese users - newly created - old - newly created - old

All of these users have an onpremise AD and mail account.

At office 365 the users are created with dirsync and i have licensed the 2 old one users manualy, and wait a bit with licensing the 2 new one.

At the Office 365 Exchange online admin center, the only mailboxes are the ADFS service account, the Exchange online Application account and the admin user.

Even though im not able to use an unlicens account should it not be synced to office 365? If not, then I can add the licens to the 2 new one, but im quite sure it will be the same issue.

I have the option at the Exchange admin center for the on premise, to click move to Exchange online.

But should i not be possible to login to office 365 and on premise with SSO?

Thanks Again for your time!

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  • Hi AdminKosmosit.Com,


    According to your description, I understand that the synced users cannot login to Office 365 portal, and these users have already been assigned the license.


    To narrow down this issue, I would like to collect the following information with you:

    1.Is there any error message when these four users trying to access Office 365 portal at If yes, please capture a screenshot and provide it to us.

    2.Did these users use cloud-based mailbox or on-premise mailbox?

    3.Please test the SSO via, if the test fails, please paste the complete error message here.


    Jolin Qiao

  • Hi AdminKosmosit.Com

    How are things going? Do you need further assistance?

    Jolin Qiao

  • I Thanks for your time :)

    This setup was a test setup to see how the SSO works, and in dont have any more time trying to get it to work.

    So i will stop here and return again when i have the time for further testing. This trail is also about to expire :)

    Thanks again for your time, my conclution so far is that i wont use SSO for any of my customers. :)