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Office 365 login is erratic

  • I am logging in from our SharePoint webiste>Member Login.  It will not take password, but when I go to the Office 365 website ( and use the login there it goes to our O365 site.  Although I can access my Outlook, Admin and Home pages I can not get to the Team Site.  When I click on Team Site it sends me to the O365 login in page and wants me to login again, where I am unable to login in with the password I used form the link above.  Please advise on how to remedy this situation asap.

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  • Are you sure that you have been granted permission to use the team site?  I had the same issue when I first started using it, but needed to get permissions to get on.

  • Thank you for the quick information, I am the administrator for the account and everytime I go to change the permission for Team Sites it wants my login.  I have tried using another admins account and she has the same issue.  How can I get to the permissions page to set the Team site settings.  I suspect we have not set permission for any of our team.  I appreciate your help this is very important to us.

  • Sounds like the same problem I had.  Call support at [moderator edit]. The were able to get me up and running in a matter of minutes.  Once you get yourself up, you will be able to grant permissions to the rest of your team.  It's silly that as the admin you still need to allow yourself permissions, but thats how it works.
  • dave_hall,

    Josh's assertion that you may not have permissions set for the Team Site is astute. Even if you are an administrator of the Portal, you are not automatically a site collection administrator. The default user account (often Admin) that comes with the subscription is your initial site collection administrator. You'll want to use that account to assign permissions.

    When you visit the Team Site, select Site Actions > Site Settings. Beneath Users and Permissions, there is a link to "Site Permissions". Once in there, the ribbon will show you a "Grant Permissions" control. This brings up a wizard that lets you search for accounts already created in the Portal that you want to add to the site collection. Best practice dictates that you should add them to a group but you can assign permissions directly to the user, as well. The out-of-box permission levels are Full Control, Design, Contribute, Read and View Only. Certain features can activate additional permission levels but these encompass any usual needs for an organization. Once the account has been added and assigned a permission level, they should be able to visit the Team Site virtually immediately. Don't forget, you can employ fine-grained permissions for subsites, libraries, list and even individual items.

  • dave_hall,

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