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Will Office 365 support FIM (full product)?

  • Will Office 365 support FIM (full product)?


    We are a tenant of Live@edu with a process using ILM. Once we are migrated to Office 365 can we change over to FIM for synchronisation not Dirsync? We also want to change leaving/deleted AD accounts to be Alumni in the cloud will this be supported?

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    FIM can not be used for directory synchronization with Office 365

    Only DirSync can be used

  • So you're saying the only way to sync on premise AD is via Dirsync? Will this change in the future?

    Can we change synchronised accounts back to cloud users for Alumni purposes? User leaves, account deleted from AD, but retained as Alumni in Office 365?

  • Hi Stewie12

    Office 365 for education has yet to be released, but it does have it own web pages and I if I recall right, an FAQ, and help link. Since it will be a different version I would look there for answers.

  • Stewie,

    If you would like a non-standard scenario supported for your environment, I would highly recommend using Product Support from Microsoft (specifically relating to FIM/Identity Management) to see what can be done as there are a lot of customers in non-standard scenarios that are supported by the FIM team vs. the O365 support teams.  As for changing stances on supportability for the default scenario, I'm not aware of any changes being planned.

    For "Alumni" association, this is not possible.  If you delete the object from on-premises AD, it is deleted in O365.  Once you delete it in on-premises AD, you can easily create it again in O365 without a matching object on-premises, though, but it will be a NEW object.

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    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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