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Users being required to enter password, even after checking "Save my credentials"

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We moved to Office365 last July, and have 100 users. We do not use any type of federation. The Office365 credentials are a seperate set consisting of their email address and a complex password.


Users are for the most part running Windows 7 and either Office 2007 or Office 2010. A handful still have Windows XP or Vista and run office 2007.


Occasionally when starting Outlook they are asked to enter their login credentials. If they have them, and put them in and check the box to "save my credentials" it will connect to the server and function normally for some time.


Then, on days like today, Ill suddenly have a mass (12+ of 100) users who are once again prompted to enter their password in order to authenticate to the Office365 environment, even though their password hasnt changed.


There really doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.


Surely this isnt expected behavior.

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  • I'm currently asking internally on this. I will post back a response if I hear anything useful around guidance for this.

  • YLTO - Eric Price - If you look in credential manager of any of your Windows 7 users, you will see a series of servers with the date when they were added to the credential manager, those dates are the dates when the users where asked to reenter their passwords.

    After more poking araound we noticed that not every user switched servers at the same date & time or for the same server, we can only guess that it depends on when they opened their Outlook.  

  • Hi,

    After checking on this internally, we recommend the following :

    Some of the issues described in this forum thread have been fixed in updates to Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2010. The latest public updates for Outlook 2007 (released in September 2011) and Outlook 2010 (released in November 2011) contain fixes to the product that should address the following issues:

    • “Remember my password” checkbox is not available in Outlook 2007

    • Outlook randomly prompts me for a password even though I have previously saved my password, and my password has not expired yet

    Please install the public update for your Outlook version and evaluate whether the issue is still reproduces and let us know.