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Does the blackberry cloud work with the P1 plan?

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Or do I need to close our P1 plan down and restart by purchasing the E1 plan?

Thanks, Emma

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  • Hello

    the Blackberry Cloud Services is currently in beta

    it's planned to be available to Enterprise plan (E plan) only

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  • Hello

    the Blackberry Cloud Services is currently in beta

    it's planned to be available to Enterprise plan (E plan) only

  • This is a real  shame, I have several clients on P1, why can't BES support be available to everyone? Is it possible to change individual users to a plan that supports BES?

    Are there any plans to add P1 support?

  • Hi Bobdonkey,

    Currently, it’s not available for Office 365 P1 plan. If an individual user needs a plan that supports with RIM BlackBerry Business Cloud Services, the user needs to get an enterprise subscription of Office 365. For enterprise subscription of Office 365, you can sync email, calendar, contacts and task from your mailbox in Office 365 with RIM BlackBerry Business Cloud Services. For more information about RIM BlackBerry Business Cloud Services, please refer to following articles.
    Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry® Business Cloud Services for Microsoft® Office 365

    BlackBerry Business Cloud Services For O365 - New Information and Resources

    By the way, the BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365 is still in beta period currently. If you have any BlackBerry service issue, you can contact RIM support team directly.
    You can contact them at or send email to
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Monica Tong

  • Thanks

    Anyone know if I can move an individual user to an Enterprise plan so they can use this feature?

  • Hi Bobdonkey,

    Currently, it’s not available to move an individual user in an Office 365 Tenant in Office 365 Plan P1 to an Enterprise plan directly. If you prefer to have an user to an Enterprise plan to have this feature, you can get an Exchange Online Enterprise subscription to the user.

    For detailed information, see Office 365 FAQ.

    Monica Tong

  • Thanks, but how do I do that? All I seem to have the option to do is add more P1 licenses. How do give an Exchange Online Enterprise subscription to the user?

  • Hi Bobdonkey,

    You need to get a standalone Exchange Online Enterprise Subscription to this user. This user’s P1 license will be removed. That’s to say, it’s a fresh new Office 365 tenant for this user. It’s independent with the original P1 license.

    Monica Tong

  • I need to start a new tenant? But I already have multiple users and a custom domain, how will that work? The user needs to stay within their existing subscription, I am not about to reconfigure everything for the user and have them on a different domain.

  • Hello Bobdonkey,

    Yes, if you have purchased P1 subscription and you want a plan from a different family, you will have to cancel your subscription and then buy a different plan (e.g., cancel your subscription to Plan P and then buy Plan E). Please be aware that your data may not be preserved, and you will have to provide sign up information again.

    For more information, please see Office 365 FAQ at:

    Thank you.

    Jack Sun

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to connect P1 to BIS but not imap? which means it will only synchronize the emails without calendar and contacts?

    I'm afraid to change from P1 to E3.

    Thanks for your respond.


  • Hi Isaac,

    Yes. It’s possible to connect to P1 to BIS. BIS only provides e-mail synchronization with Exchange Online. For the detailed information, see Office 365 and BlackBerry.

    Monica Tong

  • This situation is not good, I am not a happy customer. I have users with a lot of data, multiple accounts, custom domain etc.

    You either need to provide BES for P1 users or allow an easy way to switch between the two, even mix and match on the same domain.

    Why can't this be offered to P1 users?

  • I agree, forcing customer's to use BIS for the P and K plans is a short-sight by Microsoft. I have spoken to numerous people at RIM and they say that the BES plans for P and K are in the're just going to have to wait for now.

    We should keep pushing MIcrosoft to speed up the process! Keep posting here - requesting for the feature.

  • Hi Bobdonkey and Heston,

    In this situation, we will appreciate if you could sumbit a feedback on this issue.


    Evan Zhang

  • We just started using the P1 plan too.  I only have 3 bb users luckily but we had horid trouble with getting them going.  BB forced it to an IMAP account whcih casues bb users to get multiple copies of emails that are just read not to mention replied and other actions performed to them.  Apparently Excahnge messes around with the uid which casues this.

    Tried to contact Microsoft for help but they still haven't responded.  Digging around the BIS forums I found the answer.  We had to contact rim and get them to change the account from imap to owa (email server set to and email account set to users email address).   They tried to convince us we could do it through at&t's site.  WebEx and 5 miutes later they changed two of our bb users accounts to owa.  It works fine for email now.

    Hope this may help you if you haven't already found it.