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Transition from BPOS to O365 for Bberry Users

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The steps to enable Blackberry Business Cloud Services from RIM are very clear.  What is not clear to me is that the links in the O365 Admin Console are not there yet and MS is telling us they will not be there until after transition.  This would mean that we would have to perform all of the setup steps for BBCS after our transition is complete from BPOS to O365.  This seems like we will encounter significant downtime for our 75 or so Blackberry users until we can enable the new service, create the group, add the users and so on.  Has anyone else been through this already? 

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  • Hi onsite_streamlite,

    According to your description, it is true that you won't be able to achieve this until your transition is complete. The user's device needs to be wiped and then reactivate their devices on the new server.

    You may refer to the following document which provides details on the procedure to be used to move the Blackberry devices to the new server.

    Migrating User Accounts from the Hosted BlackBerry for Microsoft Exchange Online to the BlackBerry Business Cloud Services

    For this question, I also sincerely recommend you contacting our partner, Research in Motion (RIM) , which is best suited to help you with Office 365 BlackBerry Business Cloud Service issues and can give you additional information and support at the following sites:


    Forums: (English)

    Blog: (English)


    Twitter@BlackBerryHelp (English)

    Here is another link about it for your reference:

    Anna Guo

  • I can tell you what will happen because it is a major cluster F-ck

    1st, the onboarding process will not work if your users have an older version of the desktop software installed

    Some windows 7 computer will not run the communications components of blackberry so you will need to find a machine that does work and use it

    You have to put the blackberry site in trusted sites so the components will install, otherwise the site just sits there and does nothing

    Bold 9700s do not backup and restore data even though the onboarding works successfully

    That is just the beginning, get ready for a MAJOR headache

    We have gotten 189 blackberries straightened out but had to touch almost all of them, get ready for a mess

  • I am not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this - we just migrated to Office 365 (forced, not requested) and there has been no consideration for transitioning Blackberry users from Microsoft (they seem to be washing their hands of it).  I will be spending my stat holiday tomorrow trying to sort this mess out - really??  And we pay for this every month?


    Hi kmg123 and JohnH-GuardRFID,


    Thank you for your feedback.


    Microsoft will help you migrate your service from BPOS to Office 365, the time of migration is depend on the size and quantity of your mailboxes.


    If you have any questions about Office 365 after the migration succeed, please feel free to post here, we are happy to assist you.


    Jolin Qiao

  • Microsoft help is non existent.  One bright side, 99% of our blackberry users are going to switch to Android or IOS so future headaches with their stupid activation process will be gone, BYE BYE Blackberries, glad to see you go

  • Hi Kmg123,

    I understand your concerns.

    Please understand the issue related to RIM technical. So we will work with our partner, RIM, to resolve the problem.

    Besides, we will do our best to help our customers. please monitor our forum and we will update corresponding information. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du