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Unable to activate

  • Is there something going on with the Blackberry BBCS service?

    We have had at least 4 customers in the last 24hours contact  us because they can not activate the blackberry to the BBCS. The Activation email gets sent to the users mailbox, but the blackberry never can connect to the enterprise server to activate.

    Anyone else seeing this?

  • Hi David,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Our partner, Research in Motion (RIM) is best suited to help you with Office 365 BlackBerry Business Cloud Service issues and can give you additional information and support at the following sites:

    • Forums: (English)
    • Blog: (English)
    • Twitter:
    Twitter@BlackBerryHelp (English)

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • Alex - I have experienced the exact scenario shared by David above.  I've read through the articles and links you've provided.  I've also spoken to my cell phone service provider's special Blackberry service department, and no one can figure out the answer.   The confusing part is that the activation email is received in the in-box, but activation server does not seem to communicate back to the hand held device.   Who can we SPEAK TO about this to resolve?   Is this issue specific to Blackberry?  I'm hearing that iPhones are not experiencing this...any/all input is welcomed.

  • Hi Jon,

    There is a step by step guide for configure BBCS (Blackberry cloud service). Please read the article first and double confirm your configuration was correct. If everything is fine on Office365, then we can know the issue may relate to RIM. (It will help us narrow down the issue.)

    Office 365 – Hosted Blackberry Released

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • Alex,

    Please look at my name...this is David from AppRiver. We are a syndicated Partner and resell Microsoft's Office365. We have our own Hosted exchange business and over 160k customers. We know BES/Blackberry and how to do activations. Matter a fact, RIM was just here in our office last week giving us training on the portal, so we know what we are doing..

    The sad part about this whole situation is, once again, support falls short. We have no one to talk to and help us. We have to just post in the forums and hope someone can help us. If we call and speak to you guys, you point us to RIM...and if you go look at the Rim forums, no one from Rim has even posted in there and answered my post from 6 days ago.

    Does this affect you guys? yes, because we have customers ready to leave Office365 because the support is sub par. I know you guys do a great job at times but this isn't in your control and i understand that, but it just sucks that we have 0 support for this stuff with BBCS

  • And Jon ,you are correct. no other phones have issues. Its just Blackberrys

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your reply.

    As you known, the issue may relate to blackberry as it occurs on blackberry device. I checked the Blackberry support forum and found. Blackberry support followed up in some threads. However, for some specific issues there is no solution or workaround posted yet. I suppose these issues may be complex and need to do further research. Therefore, I suggest you monitor blackberry support for some time and to see if they will update the issue on the forum.

    Besides, we provide a specific support channel to our partners. You may contact the support with the link below. Thanks.

    Office 365 partner

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi,

    We are experiencing the same issue unfortunately.

    We run the Enterprise Activation on the Blackberry, insert the email address and pwd sent through the "BlackBerry® Administration Service" - option "Generate an activation email" and after some minutes we get "The Blackberry enterprise server can not connect..." and repeats again and again...

    I am getting very tired of spending hours configuring the Blackberry. Our iPhone users did it in 3 minutes.  Office365 and iPhone works perfectly.  Office365 and Blackberry....a nightmare.



  • Posted the issue on blackberry support page as well:

  • I am having the same issue and we just migrated and 200 BB users cannot activate, have anyone resolved this issue? Need help fast  

  • Has there been a solution to this or was it found to be a configuration issue? Also having the same issue, and hopeful for a solution.