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Does the blackberry cloud work with the P1 plan?

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Or do I need to close our P1 plan down and restart by purchasing the E1 plan?

Thanks, Emma

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    the Blackberry Cloud Services is currently in beta

    it's planned to be available to Enterprise plan (E plan) only

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  • I couldn't agree more.  It is outrageous to have to copmletely close down an account and risk losing your data for just a few users.  In our situation we are encouraging our BB users to move to different devices ie iPhones or Android devices.

    It's outrageous the way they have the plans setup here though. Having to cancel an account and reopen a new one is nothing but rediculous.  From a company built on upgrade paths you'd expect a way to migrate up to the next level.  Very desappointing Microsoft.

  • Hi Pats,

    Thank you for sharing how you fixed the issue. In addition, I understand that there is some concern about the account transfer. As to the feature you discussed here, to make it better meet your requirements, I sincerely invite you to submit your feedback for the further improving of our products. To make the suggestions better understood, please provide your detailed description on what you’d like to improve and detailed suggestions about what you have tested. This will make the feedback more useful for the relevant teams. You can submit your feedback by using the following link:
    If the service is requested frequently, the product team may include it in future product releases.
    In addition, we welcome you to keep your eye on the forum for any updates on the features that concern you.
    Thanks very much,
    Monica Tong