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Black Berry email

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I have a Blackberry and I don't want my emails to be deleted off it when I delete them from my email Outlook account.  Does anyone know how to keep them from being deleted?  Thanks Jeremy

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  • Easy!

    Go to the Message application, click BB Menu, Options, Email Reconciilation...

    then select the account that you're trying to manage (Your Office 365 Email address usually)

    Change Delete on from Mailbox & Handheld to Prompt or whichever one you want.

    Make sure wireless reconcile is checked :)

    PS, google is your friend! and so is

    Good luck,


  • I have a Blackberry Bold with Microsoft 365 on it.  I don't want my Outlook emails to be deleted on my Blackberry when I delete them on my Outlook.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Thanks Jeremy
  • Thanks for the suggestion Heston, but I cancelled an email on my outlook and that same email still got cancelled on my Blackberry. Any other suggestions?  Thanks

  • Ahh, I mis-read your original intent, I thought you wanted it to stay in your outlook inbox and not on your BB.

    I believe (not 100% sure), if you save a message on your blackberry ( highlight the msg you want, click menu, Save ). It should stay in your Saved folder on the BB even if you delete it from outlook.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks, I hoped they would all just stay unread and not deleted at all in my Blackberry.   For our company the intent for us to get 365 was to see our calender and when we are available for appointments.  The unfortunate thing is it also affects how my emails are now managed.  Is there a way of disconnecting the syncing of the emails and still keep the syncing of the calenders?  Thanks

  • That's an interesting intent?

    You can actually prevent emails from being forwarded to the BB and keep calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes sync. You'll either have to set-up some filters to prevent the delivery, or change some settings in the profiles in BAS.

    Appts by email or calendar will still get synced via BES/Exchange - they do not rely on the invitation emails and etc to be sent to the phone.

    You might want to speak/contact RIM TS to clarify some of these things however.


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