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Surface RT "Cannot sign in because the server version is incompatible with Lync."

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I am trying to connect to domain with Lync app for Surface RT without any luck. It throws an error saying: "Cannot sign in because the server version is incompatible with Lync.".


I have tried following the next solution but it didn't work for me


Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is a bit urgent.



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  • Hi Javier,

    This issue is usually associated with an error message that contains the following phrase: the authentication service may be incompatible with this version of the program.

    Ask the user to uninstall and reinstall Lync from the Office 365 Portal at

    For more information, see Troubleshooting Lync Sign-in Errors  

    Best Regards,

    Pratik Pandya

  • Thank you Patrik. The issue with your suggestion is that I'm running SurfaceRT and can't install from the site only the Windows Store app.

  • Hi Javier,

    If it is client then it also can be uninstall and re-install form sources you have installed. You need to just re-run the set up.


    Pratik Pandya

  • Uninstalled Lync app from Surface RT, reinstalled it from the Store and it still gives the same error.

    The error clearly states "server version is incompatible", it just wouldn't make sense that it was a faulty installation process. It would make sense make to somehow tweak a registry or something to circumvent whatever process is validating the server's version.

    Is there any difference with the Lync Server provided with the old Office 365 compared to the new Office 365 "Preview"? Could maybe that be the problem here? The domain I'm trying to connect to uses the old O365.

  • Hi Javier,

    Try to deploy Mobility through Meanwhile, share concern with Windows RT community.  


    Pratik Pandya


  • I also had this problem on the Surface RT and spent some time on the phone with Microsoft Tech support who did a pretty good job of troubleshooting. In my case, I had 2 problems:


    1. My DNS records were not set up correctly (see

    2. Even after my DNS records were corrected, it was discovered that the DNS Resolver service was not running on the Surface so its DNS cache was not getting updated. This was solved by opening a command window from the desktop and flushing the DNS cache with the command:


    ipconfig   /flushdns


    Hope this helps


    Lionel Johnson

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  • Has anyone solved this issue?  From a Surface RT using the latest Lync client I cannot connect to Office 365 Lync Server.  The following error comes up: "Cannot sign in because the server version is incompatible with Lync"

    My Nokia Lumina using the latest Lync client works fine to the same service. The Microsoft Surface RT does not work.

    Both devices are fully external, Wi-Fi connected, they do not go through a corporate network.

    Javier O did you get your problem solved?

  • Hi Gertsy,

    Did you perform the all steps suggested above even from lionel. Check your DNS records too. However, I would like you to share your concern with Windows RT community meanwhile.


    Pratik Pandya

  • Hi Pratik, Thanks for your answer.

    As mentioned in my post I am not connecting from a corporate network so the link probably doesn't apply. As far as I can see it is for settings on your corporate DNS and Firewalls.  I've posted a simular question in the RT Community.

    As previously mentioned the Windows 8 x86/x64 Lync client and the Nokia Windows 8 phone Lync client both work fine from the same environment. The Lync RT comes up with the error mentioned previously.

    If you think there are specific settings that need to be in place on Office 365 please let me know and I will contact Office 365 support.

    Thanks again for you response.

  • Office 365 Lync application compatible with respective platform on which you are going to install it, if it is desktop or tablet version.

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  • Hi Gertsy,

    Thanks for the update.

    As you are able to access it with other mobile phone devices and Windows x86/x64 Lync client and not with Surface RT client. Hence, there is nothing specific settings needs to be configure on specific  devices from Office 365 for Lync client except it configures in compatible desktop or tablet or mobile version.So, do contact to Surface RT channel will be a robust way to get the things resolved.

    Pratik Pandya
  • Thanks Pratik, I have identified the issue.  It is not the Surface RT or the RT Version of Lync. It is, as the error points out, the server version of Lync.

    I created a new Eval instance of 365 with Lync.  The Lync client on Surface connects fine to the new server version of Lync.  I'm guessing it's the 2013 server version.

    So the problem is, as the error points out, that the RT version of Lync isn't supported on the old version of Lync 365 (Lync 2010) I guess.

    The latest RT version of Lync works fine on Lync Server 2013 on Office 365. In my case at least.