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0000005c Error - Office Subscription Removed Error on Provisioned Win7 machines

  • I've been looking at using Office 365 with our VDI solution and have an issue where by when I use Citrix Provisioning services to deliver my Win 7 desktops I get an error relating to my Office Subscription being removed.


    I installed the Profession Plus package and the subsequent registration application on my base .vhd image and then installed the lync package.


    Now whenever I boot a new image I receive a message telling me my Office subscrition has been removed with error 0000005c.  It says office is still installed and can be used for viewing but not editing and that I should reinstall.


    Does anyone have any guidance on how to install Office 365 in a Non Persistent VDI environment?


    Thanks in advance.



  • Hello Pete,


    I don't think that the version of Office Professional Plus with Office 365 subscriptions is officially supported for use on virtual machines (VM's). However, with that said, it should work.


    Can you confirm that this issue is only happening on your virtual machines and not for the same users on physical machines with Office Pro Plus?


    Please make sure that you have the Office 365 Sign In Assistant correctly installed and configured for your user using the following links: (Sign In Assistant download and setup) (Sign In Assistant download only)


    On a physical machine, the error: "0000005C Office Professional Plus OSA_LICENSE_DEPROVISIONED" indicates that the computer was deprovisioned, likely because the user selected it to be removed from the subscription account while trying to activate an additional computer. Run OSAUI.exe /K to activate this computer.


    You can see the following article for more information about troubleshooting specific Office Pro Plus setup errors: (Office Professional Plus setup errors)


    You can also see the following article for setup information for Office Pro Plus. (Office Pro Plus general information)


    Please let us know if you need more help.

  • Hi Micah,

    This issue only happens on my provisioned virtual machines.  I have been using persistent virtual machines on Hyper-V (accessed via SCVMM) for the majority of my testing and these have no issues.  When citrix provisioning services is introduced the issue starts to occur.

    I will go through the information provided and see if this resolves it.

    Will keep you informed.

    Thanks for the help so far.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Micah,

    I've done some more testing.

    Following the guidance from the links above, running an osaui.exe /k results in an error of 0000001e when trying to sign in.  If i then run an osaui.exe /f followed by osaui.exe /k then it works as expected.

    I also tried logging on to my base image and running an osaui.exe /f on the image before converting this to a standard one to many image type.  I now get issues intermittently with the applications being in reduced functionality mode and/or get an error 0000001e when trying to sign in.  The sign in assistant seems to kick in and run a full reconfiguration but I can't sign in with the user as expected.  After a osaui.exe /f followed by osaui.exe /k then it works as expected.

    Overall it looks like the Signin Assistant has issues in a non-persistent VDI environment.

    Kind Regards,