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Upgrade Price: from Office 2010 to Office 2013

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I have Office 2010 Professional on my Lenovo laptop, and would like to upgrade to Office 2013 Professional (or Office 365 are they the same?) 

Is there a reduced price for an Upgrade from Office 2010?
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  • Hi Wmsrandy,

    Currently, there is no official information about the price of Office 2010 Professional Plus upgrading. You can keep an eye on our forum to see if  there are any updates.

    In addition, I’d like to share the following articles with you:
    Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Enterprise
    Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Small Business 

    Vivian Wang

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  • Thank you for your candid reply Vivian.  There are many people with Office 2010 who would like an answer to this question.  MS customers deserve a better answer.  Furthermore "keep an eye on our forum for updates" is not customer friendly.  MS should have good clear answer to this question.

    Can you please escalate this issue, or have someone who is responsible for upgrade pricing give me a call.

  • Hi,

    If you have a purchased copy of Office 2010, then there is no upgrade package to 2013, unless it was a recent purchase, in which case they has some special offer on the next version of Office 365.

    If your Office 2010 was installed as part of your Office 365, then you will be able to upgrade when they roll out the Office 365 upgrade in your market.

  • This answer will never be accepted by MS customers.  If MS doesn't offer reasonable upgrade prices, many loyal customers will migrate to other productivity tools.

  • Hi Wmsrandy,

    I understand the price is very important for you, however there is no official information about this currently. We’d appreciated if you could be more patient and keep monitoring Microsoft Official website for the latest information. Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Vivian Wang

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  • Hi ,

    I don't recall ever seeing an upgrade version of Office 2010 anywhere, I think the only way you get that is with software assurance, which most companies use.

  • Vivian - Time is passing and there still no information upgrade prices for Office 2010 users to migrate to Office 2013.  You know that purchasing at full price for an upgrade is unfair.  When Microsoft offers new products, it should offer upgrade options at fair prices. The upgrade prices should be announced on the date the software is released. Your reply "be more patient and keep monitoring Microsoft Official website for the latest information" is insulting.  I can't waste my time waiting for Microsoft to respond, and watching Microsoft's website.  What prevents Microsoft from being responsive to a sensible customer request???.

    I have been a loyal MS user since Office was introduce in 1985. I have held off on purchasing a Smart Phone until such time that Windows has a common operating platform, which it has now.  The interface with Windows Phone 8 and Office 2013 is much better than the interface to 2010. Despite my patience, I'm getting fed up with Microsoft's bad attitude and inability to be fair and responsive. Can you please tell me the specific date when the upgrade pricing will be available for upgrading from Office 2010 to Office 2013?  

  • Hi Wmsrandy,

    Since this issue is more related to sales and billings and we just have limited information, it is suggested to contact sales and billings team, so that our support engineers there will offer you more detailed information. Thanks for your understanding.

    Here is the information about sales and billings:
    Office 365 for Enterprises:
    Office 365 for Small Businesses:
    Best Regards,
    Vivian Wang

  • Hi Vivian,

    I looked at the above links and they are not helpful. You asked me to be patient. A month has passed since my original question, and I don't see any action from MS. I have Office 2010 Professional on my PC, and would like to cost effectively upgrade to Office 2013. When that happens, I plan to buy a WP8 phone, which will benefit from the enhanced Office 2013 MS Outlook integration features.  Spending $400 for an UPGRADE for Office 2013 Professional is ridiculous.  I have been a longstanding MS supporter. MS is making matters so confusing and costly that I'm ready to give up on MS. Can you please help, or if not, can you please direct me to another human at MS who can?

    Thank you,


  • Hi Wmsrandy,

    You may find it easier if you contact billing direct.  If you go to the following page you can select your country and call them direct.


    Pratik Pandya

  • This is helpful Pratik - I will probably contact Microsoft by phone, as there seems to be no easy online answers.

    Why does Microsoft make it so difficult to do business?  An upgrade to from Office 2010 to Office 2013 should be easy to do, and priced fairly.

  • As Robert said, if you got 2010 through an O365 subscription, there's no upgrade charge. In some cases the subscription price goes down for 2013 I believe. Since this is the O365 community, it's not really focused on retail boxed software. 
  • I called this number and heard the same nonsense - existing Office 2010 professional users need to pay $400 to upgrade to Office 2013, there are no upgrade options. Apparently Microsoft doesn't want Office 2010 professional users to upgrade. I was planning to upgrade and buy a WP8 phone, which ties in well with Office 2013.  However, the upgrade price is so high that I probably won't buy a WP8 phone.

    The person who answered my call doesn't know whether there are any upgrade plans.   Passing the buck to someone who isn't empowered to take a decision only creates problems. How do I reach the person who is responsible for Office 2013 pricing?

  • Hi Wmsrandy,

    If you are using Office 2010 through Office 365 re-upgrade account, you will receive a service upgrade notification in 2013. After your Office 365 pre-upgrade account has been upgraded, you can download Office 2013 in Office 365 portal. More information about the service upgrade, please refer to the link that Vivian provided in her first post.

    If you want to use Office 2013 now, you can set up Office 365 trial account to download it in portal.

    Anna Shi

  • Are there any news from MS about this issue?

    There's still no upgrade offer in the MS Store and I fully agree with others that it's totally unfair to purchase a full version instead of pay a reasonable upgrade price.

    I've checked the web but the only answer is to wait. Is this even a sale strategy?