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Office 2013 Download

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Will current Office 365 customers get office 2013? If so when will the download become available?

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  • I would also like to know this information

  • Me too please

  • Hi All,

    If you want to download Office 2013 from Office 365 portal, you should sign up for an Office 365 Preview account.
    Also, if your current Office 365 upgrade to the new version of Office 365, you will be able to download Office 2013.

    Vivian Wang

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  • So how do we upgrade to the new office 365 to get office 2013? I have a P1 subscription and a separate Office Professional Plus subscription at the moment. How would I go about upgrading to get the new office 2013 desktop versions?

  • How do we upgrade to 2013 we are an E3 customer with a large amount of users. Will this effect our server to upgrade? New Costs?

  • Does this mean that if we wait, our current E3 account will be allowed to download Office 2013 at some point? Or, will our account be migrated to "the new version of Office 365" automatically so we can download Office 2013? I would hope that we are not going to be charged for this as we are already paying ongoing subscription fees for access to Office 2010.

    Just a bit confused about the offerings. From what it appears, the version of Office 365 available with Office 2013 for download is for home users, whereas the business accounts are stuck in the existing version... is this correct?

  • Hi JkDel ,

    The upgrades for the business accounts in O365 will be scheduled on a country by country server group by server group basis, you will get an e-mail with advance warning that it is coming. After your upgrade is done, then you will be able download and install the desktop applications.

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  • Any concept of when the process will be complete?  ie the last possible date for a US client to be rolled to the new version?

  • Hi All,

    There is no official information about the exact data of upgrading currently.  All the services in Office 365 will be upgraded to the newest version in scheduled. For details, please refer to our Upgrade Center in the links below:
    Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Enterprise
    Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Small Business 

    Vivian Wang

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  • Yep, that is a great answer who tells us nothing.

    Apparently home users can enjoy it but business is stuck with the old stuff.

    Nobody is able to give REAL information.

    This is what you get if you are in a CLOUD. You have to do what they want you to do. You have no freedom to decide. On your own premises you could do what you want, upgrade what you want and this discussion would not even be happen.

    It is time to leave the Cloud and go back to the Old and Real Style and have everything in house.

    I want to know exactly when the Date for the migration is, this is my right to know. I don't accept that privat users can use the newest stuff with "" and business users, even small bussiness are stuck with the old, only because MS makes the desicion.

    Give us real dates, real information and give the users to deside if and when they want to migrate. Because i want to do it since the first time i heard of it.

    If nothing is happen I will soon cancel Office 365 and will establish my own in house service. Because then I can deside what happen.


  • The REAL information is provided in the links above, just because you don't like the answer doesn't mean it's not provided.

    You need to understand that home users do not have the same SLA expectations as enterprise organizations do. Microsoft cannot be expected to upgrade everyone all at once and not experience service outages and extreme delays in customer service response times, which would in turn be the first complaint by users like you that would then expect financial compensation for the down time.

    This needs to be a tightly organized and planned roll out, and to be honest I do not believe there is anything available in Office 2013 but not available in Office 2010 that is stopping end users from being able to do their jobs right now. Your upgrade will come, and when it does you should see minimal service disruptions due to a well planned and organized rollout (we hope of course).

    As for exact dates, I believe that is an unreasonable request and I am completely clueless as to why you believe it is your right to know at this time. When Microsoft is ready for your specific rollout they will provide you advance notice of the date (as noted in the links above), as well as a one time option to postpone the upgrade.

    When you signed up for Office365 Microsoft agreed to provide you a stable service to the best of their ability. They would be breaking that agreement if they were to rush through this upgrade and make it available for everyone on the same date. You expect the respect of Microsoft for your organization, but I see no respect being returned to them.

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  • Ok, here we go:

    "The service upgrade for Office 365 coming in 2013 will deliver exciting new features, including...." Is not a REAL information because the year 2013 is about 365 days long. But eventually we get migrated if Office 2015 will be announced as beta.

    As per Roll out, you had Beta availibe and ist is prooven to work so i don't see the problem here to migrate. And Years back as new Windows or Offices Suites where availible the ENTERPRISE AND SMB where the first one to enjoy it. So what has changed?? The Cloud??

    As per this forum nearly everybody is asking when is the time to upgrade is but nobody is asking NOT TO UPGRADE.

    And i am pretty sure you did not ask Enterprises what they want, you only asume, as usual.

    You have to understand, we are the paying Customer, we have the right to know. Without us you wouldn't have a job. So that means you work for us. So if i want to know something I have the right to get an answer.

    Dates are a reasonable request because we pay for the service so we expecting to get what we pay for and not a Year later. And if Microsoft expect that i pay my bill and gives me a date i can not tell them sometimes in 2014, i have to be on time.

    If the Service would not be stable then Private people, what i consider are much more user as Enterprise or SMB are already enjoing it. In addition I see no difference, as a Tech Support by my own, to migrate Milions of Privat users or thousands of Enterprise Users.

    You want to have more? Go ahead. I have more.

    In my opinion the worst thing happen is the Cloud, because Users, doesn't matter if privat, SMB or ENTERPRISE have no choice anymore.

    And another thing, Respect has to be earned and is not a privileg. If MS only gives vage Information and empty promises then MS don't earn Respect. With such Information MS makes happy customers, for sure. I will remind you on a Microsoft Slogan > Customers First< . It is about time that this will be happen.

    have a nice day

  • Ok first, I want to make it clear that I do not work for Microsoft and am not a Microsoft Partner. I am only an avid user of both their consumer and business products and services.

    What you quoted above as REAL information is not what I was referring to. This is:

    "We will schedule your service upgrade in 2013, and let you know by email about a month in advance. We'll inform you of the exact date two weeks beforehand."

    To me that is real information. It may not be the exact dates you feel you have the right to know, but at this point they probably don’t even have exact dates. This isn’t a 100 or even 1000 user deployment. If I had to guess we’re talking hundreds of thousands if not millions of users worldwide.

    The reason that “everybody” on the forum is asking when their time is to be upgraded is because those of us that are not in a rush to upgrade and that understand the complications behind a mass service upgrade, and the need to do it properly, don’t have a reason to post on the forum.

    I do, and I’m sure Microsoft does, understand that you are a paying customer. You are paying for a service that is stable and allows you to conduct business with minimal interruptions. Like I already said, if they do a massive rollout and something goes wrong, there is down time or lost data, then their customers will be hounding them for credits and financial repercussions. I personally would rather they play it safe and my data stay safe than risk otherwise.

    Also, beta rollouts are just that, Beta. There are no guarantees or SLA's associated with beta rollouts. I can't emphasize enough the importance of SLA's in this discussion, which again are not something that private users benefit from. SLA’s are supposed to guarantee us against down time (within reason of course). I for one do not want the company I work for to experience service delays or downtime, or delayed customer support response times just because you HAVE TO have the latest and greatest technologies. Office365 is a shared service among thousands (I’m presuming) of companies, you should have known that when you signed up.

    Finally, Microsoft has made available to us and all enterprise customers their latest and greatest technologies. It’s called Technet. Pay for it and use it if having access to the latest software is that important to you.

  • Hi Bernd,

    Office 365 for business users version 2013 has not even been launched yet, that will not happen for another week. Then they will schedule each group of servers to be upgraded, these sort of upgrades take time, and so it can't be said today yours will happen on x date, as they have no idea how long each group wil take.

  • Vivian I'm very disappointed in both YOU and MICROSOFT that a product that I was so hopeful for and the Cloud solutions that I was supporting so much and investing so much time in has failed me and left me feeling upset and misled. Because I can't get Office 2013 and feel this is very poor service management (UNACCEPTABLE) along with the big promises and BARs (legal) that Microsoft set in the press. I'm seriously asking for my money back and launching my own personal investigation into why this has occurred and WHY it was allowed to happen. As long as I get my copy of Office 2013 from my Office 365 E3 subscription that I just renewed I will be calling into customer service and demanding my money back. Thank you and have a nice day.