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File not found error on clicking public website

  • Hi,


    I am new to the office 365. I am using free user account.

    When i registered with my details i mentioned "" in place of public website.

    The site ( which which i mentioned is not exist.

    After create my account the above mentioned site name is appeared as hyperlink under Website section in Admin page.

    By clicking this link it is redirecting to Error page with message "File not found".


    Can we mention the our own name in place of public website?

  • Hi Venkat,

    According to your description, I know that you are using a Small Business plan of Office 365.

    For the first question:

    When you have registered Office 365, do you succeed to access the public site when you first log in the Microsoft Online Portal?

    If so, after that, did you have made any changes on Microsoft Online Portal?

    For the second question:

    You can add and verify your own domain to Office 365. And you can also change the public web site address to your own domain address.

    To do this, please follow the links below:

    Verify a domain at any domain name registrar

    Use a vanity domain for your SharePoint Online public website address


    Kylin Yang.

  • Hi Venkat,

    How are the things going?


    Kylin Yang.