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Can Office 365 perform changing web page's content?

  • Applies To: Office | Office Web Apps | Microsoft Office Excel | Internet Explorer 8

    Does anyone have any suggestions on Office product to perform changing web page's content?

    If I get a content within my Excel, and

    1) would like to update the value within my web page by loading data from Excel worksheet

    2) set schedule to upload the updated web page into FTP server

    3) Perform automatically upload into FTP server

    4) Done


    It will be great, if it can update my facebook content too.

    Is there any feature of Office 365 to do that?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

  • You can potentially leverage data from your spreadsheet in a variety of ways using Excel Services.  For example, you can use that data in the chart web part.  You can also use the REST API to retrieve those values if you are writing custom code.

    As for the ftp options, there is definitely nothing out of the box.  You would have to have something external that goes and retrieves the files and then ftps it.