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Office Subscription Removed

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We are currently having a beta subscription to Office 365 (have about 32 days left for the beta to expire). We have one user using the Office Professional Plus license and he started getting the error attached (Office subscription removed). Outlook is working and all editing is possible.

Does anybody know the exact cause of the issue?


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  • Hello Nirvana26,

    First, make sure that this Office 365 user account still has an Office Professional Plus license assigned to it at - Users - Licenses - Office Professional Plus (check box should be selected).

    You can see the following article for help managing licenses in Office 365: (Manage licenses)

    You should also make sure that the Office 365 service connector is still installed on this computer by following the steps from: (Setup desktop applications)

    Next, if the license for Office Professional Plus has been disabled on this local computer to free up the license following these steps: (Disable Office 2010 Pro Plus license on one computer to free the license)

    Then you will need to follow the steps from the following article to re-activate the license on this computer: (Reactivate subscription of Office 2010 Pro Plus)

    Finally, if none of these steps resolves the issue, you should uninstall and reinstall Office Professional Plus on this computer.

    I hope this helps!