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Macros and Excel in Office 365

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Hi - I am currently testing office 365 as a new user.  One of the things I want to use the site for is to allow a load of auditors who are geographically remote from each other to audit macro enabled spreadsheets.  Firstly does anyone know if Office 365 will allow this and secondly does anyone know if the auditors can simply audit the document online and not download it on to their hard drives (as this will maintain an audit trail for me).  Look forward to hearing anyone's thoughts.  With thanks.  Mark

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  • Hi Mark,

    I have a spreadsheet here that I work on internally that has a pivot table built in as well as several macros as well.  I was able to successfully upload it, but I was not able to edit it within the browser.  This was the message that I recieved.

  • Did you have any other questions Mark?