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kb2598289 causes error in word 2010 could not open http (

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 This week security update kb2598289 was installed on my computer. After the installation i can not open word document from a sharepoint office 365 site. At this time i could open documents from my loacal computer. For the record I don't use a proxy server and i have to login to the office 365 (kb2598289 refers to proxy servers and being authenticated). It does not matter if i open the document from word itself or from the sharepoint workspace. I have deinstalled kb2598289 and everything works fine now.


Should i ignore the security update or is there an other solution for my problem?


os: Windows 8

office: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 14.0.6123.5001 (32 bit)

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi relu,

    Since the Office isn’t available for SharePoint site after the update, I recommend you run Desktop Setup after the update to connect Office to the cloud:

    1. Login to your Office 365 portal

    2. Click Downloads at the right side of Home page

    3. Click Set up of Set up and configure your Office desktop apps


    Nancy Xie

  • I've updated office like was suggested above but when kb2598289 is installed I still get the error message 'Could not open "http://..."'. When I de-install this update I can open the document as expected. Something in this update "thinks" I am opening a dangerous website. The first part of the web address is already added to my trusted site in internet explorer.

    Thanks for the reply however

  • Hi relu,


    According to this KB:, it shows the update is used to fix the following issue:

    Assume that you configure a SharePoint server that does not require credentials and a proxy server that requires credentials. However, when you try to use Office 2010 to open a file on the SharePoint server, Office 2010 does not set the proxy credential correctly.


    You can choose not to install it if you don’t encounter this issue.



    Nancy Xie

  • Hi relu,

    I'd like to follow up on the previous thread. Has your problem has been resolved?


    Nancy Xie

  • Hi Nancy,

    Was my problem resolved? I don't know. Sure I can ignore this update. But first of all I find I rather odd that a co-worker of mine did not get this  update and I did get the update. Furthermore I'm afraid that in the near future I will get an other update which will have the same effect because a I aspect Microsoft uses one baseline for code changes in office. And it took me a couple days to discover what went wrong. I have even reinstalled windows 8 rtm sooner than planned. I expect this is a new bug in office. I guess kb2598289 patched a security hole but didn't took the trusted internet sites into account. This is only the opinion of a small software developer.  So am I satisfied.. not really


  • Hi relu,
    Thank you for bring this issue to our attention, your time and efforts on this matter are highly appreciate.
    According to the article , we are not find any relate information of how to operate it in Windows 8.
    With this concern, I sincerely invite you to submit your feedback to Windows 8 forum with the following link:
    Alex Du
  • Hi,

    Yesterday I've asked a collegue of mine to install kb2598289 on his laptop. There are many differences between his configuration and mine. For example he is using Office 2010 Home and Student (dutch) and I'm using Office 2010 Professional Plus. He works on a virtual machine, windows 8 is my primairy os. He uses windows xp.

    We discovered that kb2598289 was allready installed and he hasn't encounterd any problems with opening documents from sharepoint. So it can be related to windows 8.

    I've another collegue whom is using windows 8 and uses the same sharepoint site. I don't now when I will see him but I will ask him to install kb2598289. I've spoken to him before about this subject and at that moment kb2598289 was not installed on his machine and windows update told us that the laptop was up to date. I can not figure out why my laptop wanted to install the update and his doesn't.

    Maybe it is not so smart to want to know whats causing it and just ignore the update ;o) I hope this conversation will help someone else...

  • Hi relu,

    Thanks for your reply. We appreciate you letting us know your hard work and the results you have found, which could help others who meet the similar situation.

    If there are any other problems, welcome to post in our forum, it’s always our pleasure to be of assistance.


    Nancy Xie