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E-mail search does not appear all

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Hi! All,


I try to search my mailbox but it appear a very recent mails and very old mails, in between it was a big gap.

It there any setting needed? Please help.


Thank you.

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  • Hi Low,

    Do you mean that search mailbox in the Office 365 Outlook Web App?

    If so, please confirm that if you don’t perform the operation of “search in mailbox”, can you get the all mails.

    Please also check the two options below:

    1.Open you Outlook Web App, in the search bar, can it display “Search Entire Mailbox” or others? If it doesn’t display “Search Entire Mail”, try to change it to that.

    To do so, click the down arrow at the right of the magnifier icon, on the drop down list, choose Set Default Location, on the right option, click Entire Mailbox. Please see the screenshot below.



    2.Click “double down arrow” icon at the right of the “down arrow”, on the results in bar, make sure it display “Subject and message body”.




    Best Regards,

    Kylin Yang.