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Integration with Office 2007?

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What kind of integration should happen between Office 365 and Office 2007? The only thing I have now is the use of the Exchange mail, but nothing else. I have tried to manually set the Sharepoint address as a save location for files (in Windows Explorer), but it just seemed to be too difficult to be the right way and doesn't really work seamlessly.


Is the answer that there is no integration with Office 2007?


Thanks in advance!



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  • Hello Jari,

    Based on your description, I would like you to set up your desktop to work with Office 365 first.

    To set up your desktop for Office 365, please follow the steps as below.
    1.Sign in to the Office 365 portal. In the right pane, under Resources, click Downloads.
    2.Under Set up and configure your Office desktop apps, click Set up. The Microsoft Office 365 desktop setup tool starts.
    3. Sign in using your user ID. Office 365 desktop setup will check your system configuration. If the scan completes without detecting any problems, you’ll be presented with options to configure your desktop applications and learn more about the important updates Office 365 desktop setup will install.
    4.After you have selected the applications you want to configure, click Continue, review the service agreements, and then click I accept to begin installing updates and configuring desktop applications.

    To set the SharePoint address as a shortcut in local machine, you can refer to the following steps.
    1.Click the Library tab in the SharePoint Online document library.
    2.Click the Connect to Office command in the ribbon and select Add to SharePoint Sites.
    Besides, you can use Open with Explorer to drag and drop files to SharePoint Online.

    For your references:
    Set up your desktop for Office 365
    How to use the "Open with Explorer" command and how to troubleshoot issues with this option in SharePoint Online for Office 365

    Cherry Wang

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  • Hello Jari,

    How are things going?

    Cherry Wang

  • Hi Cherry,

    thanks for your answer!

    But for me Open with Explorer icon is greyed out, so I can't click it. And I only see the Library tab when I choose a file. Should I see it otherwise too?

    kind regards, Jari

  • Hello Jari,

    I suggest you use Internet Explorer web browser, and follow the link in my previous reply to troubleshoot the Open with Explorer issue.

    And, when you open a library in SharePoint Online, there are Documents and Library tabs under Library Tools.

    For your reference, hoping them helpful:
    Software requirements for Office 365
    Get to SharePoint from an Office Application
    Connect to Office
    Copy or move library files by using Open with Explorer

    Cherry Wang

  • Hi Jari,

    I'm writing to follow up on the previous thread. Has the issue been resolved?

    Cherry Wang