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extra spaces added when I try to add a hyperlink to text in a 365 site?

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Why are extra spaces added when I try to add a hyperlink to text in a 365 site. I am disgusted with 365. I have spennt hours dealing with this. I am tryoing to add a link to my pages in my own site.


I will take a wild guess at to the answer to my question: Beacuse Microsoft sold you a poorly designed product and as long as we are making money, we dont care about how much trouble or frustration we create for our users. Wasting time for you is reall not our problem.

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  • Larry,

    Extra spaces can be added if you select a url,  copy it and paste it  somewhere without realizing the copy included a space. When I double click a url to copy it, I often get an extra space at the end. There's nothing I'm aware of that would add spaces in the 365 editor which is just a plain old text editor.  

  • Hello Larry,

    Thanks for the information Mch provided first.
    I understand that you encountered that when you add a hyperlink to text at website page, extra spaces are added.
    To troubleshoot the issue, could you please provide some screen shots of the issue occurred? For tips, please click Use rich formatting > Insert image to upload the screen shots in the post manually.

    Generally, when we need to add a hyperlink to a text, we select the string and right click Create/edit hyperlink to add the hyperlink.

    After you click that, you may also check whether there are spaces at Display text box.


  • Hello Larry,

    How are the things going?
    In addition, do you need further assistance on the issue?

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