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DNS TXT MX instructions bug

  • I followed the instructions for creating TXT and MX records but it did not work becase these records are not maintained by the domain name provider but rather the nameserver.  I needed to update the and name servers to insert a TXT record.  That is why when I tried to add the dns information through Melborne IT, Dotway or Intuit the TXT records were never updated.  When I changed to nameservers to on ipage site I have so I could at least set up redirect pages to the sites I was able to use the ipage dns facility to create TXT records so I could complete the verification process.  It is a little late now but the instructions should have directed us to use the OfficeLive DNS manager to create the TXT or MX records. 


    Sample redirect page:


    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <meta name="description"
    content="XXXX Redirect Page">
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=">
    <title>XXXX Redirect Page</title>
    <p>If your are not redirected to the XXXX website click <a href="here.">here</a>.</p>

  • Apparently the Office 365 name servers have the A record derecting you back to the IP address of your old site.  This way after you change nameservers to Office 365 you still go to the old site until the nameserver has fully propgated.  They when you change addess the name server A record is changes to the Office 365.  I suspect becasue this supports shared teem collaboration they don't what part of the team using one site and others another.

  • Hi RossmoorFitness,

    Based on the description you mentioned, you want to verify you domain at Office365. As for this kind of case, I'd like you can take a look at

    Generally, we need to park the Nameserver record at the original record and add the TXT/MX verification record

    After that, we should wait for the domain verification ,then change the nameserver and point to Office365

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • It is a little late now but the instructions should have directed us to use the OfficeLive DNS manager to create the TXT or MX records.

    How? There is no OL dns manager functionality. The instructions are correct - you have to change over to Melbourne's dns to add a txt record. Most people are having a problem because they're not doing that and leaving the domain hosted at OL. 365 looks for the txt record at Melbourne and doesn't find it so fails verification.  

  • Neo,

    I followed the instructions.  I had two domain names.  One was with Melborne IT and I followed the instructions and even after 2 days after creating the TXT record it would not verify.  The other domain name was with Intuit who told me that theu could not manage DNS value for an OfficeLive site.  Rather than pay the outragious $52/yr for Melborner IT I transfered to domain name to a cheaper provider.  I tried to add both and TXT & MX record and neither worked.  Then rather that lose all service I created a redirect page on another ipage site that I has and change the nameserver pointers to the ipage nameservers.  This kept the sites alive.  However it also gave me access to the ipage nameservers so I was able to add the TXT records and verivy the domain name ownership.  

    The istrustions told me to enter the TXT through the domain name holder but instead I had to make the change through the domain nameserver owner.  They are nameserver records as are tne MX records.  While I was on OfficeLive they should have been entered into &  Most domain name providers can't touch these records.  

  • Again, the instructions were correct.  MSFT is just a reseller of Melbourne held domain names - they host most OL domains but there isn't a way for them to add records to a domain. That's why it was required to use the Melbourne nameservers to add the records. Though the process is simple enough, that extra step seems to have confused people not used to dealing with domain names even more.  If you activate dns at Melbourne, then add records to verify, then switch nameservers, it works fine.