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Mac version of office professional plus

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Hi, we have subscriptions to the E3 plan on office365 and for business reasons need to move all our users over to the Mac platform (we will be ruinning imacs). I cannot find a download link for mac version of the office apps. Are these not included in the subscription (as the windows version of office professional plus) for free?

If not, it makes the higher subscription price that we were paying (mostly for the benefit of getting the office apps included) not good value and do you have any suggestions about what we should do?

Thanks, Tim Rance

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  • Hi Tim,

    Office Professional plus is not available for MAC,and there are no immediate plans to introduce.

    Your best option is to downgrade your users form E3 to E2 or E1 and purchsing licences of office for these MAC users.

    For help on downgrading ,please contact CPC support you can find their contact details by clicking on the link below:

    Best Regards,

    Seán O’Sullivan

  • Any updates on when the E3 and E4 plans will support downloading Office Professional Plus for Mac?

  • Also, as a feedback item, it would be nice if the Office 365 web site made it much clearer that Mac users cannot download Office Professsional Plus for Mac via Office 365.  Rereading the support documentation, I guess this fact is implied but I think given the amount of questions I've seen on this topic, it needs to be specifically stated that E3 and E4 are not suitable for Mac users.

  • What a joke. I've just wasted an entire day trying to migrate my organisation to Office 365 only to discover that it doesn't cover downloadable copies of software for Macs. Microsoft is digging its own grave (with a bit of help from Apple and Google).

  • I want a simple way of purchasing multiple Office licenses for my organisation - which can be used across Macs and Windows. I want to purchase on a subscription basis (as most software is sold these days) - and I want users to manage their own deployment.  Really simple requirements.

    Microsoft couldn't have cocked this up more if it tried:

    - The Office 365 pricing and plans are absurdly complicated.  365 or Office Pro Plus subscription? Difference between this and volume licensing?

    - There is no clear deployment path, I eventually found out that connectors have be downloaded to link your 365 account with your installed copy of Office Pro Plus.

    - Microsoft implies that it's Mac compatible but it's not.  The Office Pro Plus subscription does not include Mac for no apparent reason (even though Volume Licensing does). I found this out when I was already 1-day into deployment - so now have to retreat, what a mess.

    Google is wiping the floor with Microsoft.  The Office 365 *concept* is relatively good - in so far as I just want a simple way to purchase Office Pro Plus licenses without dealing with resellers or spending hours on the phone.  I'd love to be the Office product management @ Microsoft - I'd do this:

    - Simple online sign-up.

    - One price plan. £10 / $15 / month / user. Includes everything.

    - Errrr, that's it.

    They'd sell twice as many with half the support overhead.  Look at Google Apps - it's simplicity is just beautiful.

    Wake up Microsoft - and stop wasting more of days please.