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Upgrading Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010 - Error in status message from Microsoft Online Service Connector

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On a computer with Windows 7 and Office 2003 we downloaded Outlook 2010 as a single application. Installing this on the computer (upgraded 2003) went fine, but when we checked the "system configuration" with the Microsoft Online Connector  - we recieved the following message :

"..the following programs are incompatible with Microsoft Online Services

  • 2003 Microsoft Office System..."

However using Outlook 2010 gives no problem. It creates a profile using auto discovery without any problem !


It seem like the Connector is checking for the full office version and not only Outlook 2010.

Question 1 :

Does Office365 support users who only wants to upgrade Outlook and not the entire Office 2003 Office system ? 

Question 2:

If Office365 supports Office 2003 with Outlook 2010 - Will MS change the message in the connector ?


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  • Hello Peter,

    I would like to provide additional information regarding your inquiry.

    Office 2003 is not supported in the Office365 Beta.  Office365 is built on the latest server software and a re-architected identity infrastructure to support all the new features and capabilities that will be delivered.

    Office 2003 will not support a number of features and functionality that depend on the re-architected identity infrastructure and newer server software.  Microsoft wants to ensure the best end user experience for customers and Office 2003 would not provide an experience that Microsoft considers optimal.

    Therefore, no support is provided for Outlook 2003 for Office365, including "best effort" support.

    Thank you,


  • Hello Chase

    What has happened to our conversation ? It seems you have removed some answers and questions ?

    I need all the answers and not only the last response.

    I know office 2003 is not supported but will MS support the Outlook 2010 part of an Office 2003 system ? Many users and customers may prefere to start bying and upgrading to a  never version of Outlook and not the whole Office 2010 packages.

  • Hello Peter,

    Just to keep things less complicated for all involved: Outlook 2010 is never integrated with Office 2003.  Outlook 2010 is part of the Office 2010 suite, not Office 2003, and is treated separately.  An Outlook 2010 installation, regardless of whether or not you have installed the rest of the Office 2010 suite, will be supported and updated by the service connector as expected.  However, as long as you have Office 2003 components on the system, the connector will report that the 2003 Office System is not supported.

    Thank you,