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Office 365 with iPad

  • Hi,


    I have noticed that some Office 365 functions are not working properly on an iPad device. I guess it's because of the lack of Silverlight support on iOS devices.


    Anyway, are Microsoft planning to do a Office 365 App för Apple Appstore? I think this solution would solve all problems.


    By the way, I think Office 365 is absolutely great! Thanks.


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  • What functions do you find not working?  Mine runs Sharepoint without any difficulty, but I had to manually configure the Exchange connector in order to do email.

  • My Access applications when published to 365 and then run on a browser runs just fine on my iPad.

    So, my Access forms run and render just fine on my iPad. Access Web services on 365 is rather cool and I think forms from Access work better in a browser then other office applications such as word or Excel. This is much due to the nature of forms in general and how well they work in browsers.

    Forms generally do not have a lot of re-plot and display on the screen. In fact editing of data in a form really does not hit the server until a save of record is required. So most of the user time in the form does not need any server side updates or resources. So, forms as a general rule always did work well in a browser, and Access forms for the web are no exception here.

    The web based versions of Word and Excel also launch on my iPad. Viewing works quite well, but attempting to edit has caused hangs and some problems. The real issue comes down to that the iPad keyboard display seems to get confused as to when to display and the lack of arrow keys kind of makes this whole thing not work well. The fact that the iPad keyboard lacks arrow keys and has issues as to "when" to display keyboard is really more of an iPad issue then a browser issue.

    So, lack of keyboard and basic navigation keys really throws out the ability to do any useful editing anyway. I think perhaps a keyboard application might fix this issue in place of an application for the iPad.

    Note that no ActiveX or Silverlight is required for office 365 and as I noted my Access forms published to office 365 works rather well on the iPad web browser.

    I kind of doubt that a Microsoft would build an office suite for the iPad. You have to realize that you cannot just install software from your PC onto the iPad. You have to realize that you cannot go to some web site and download software for the iPad. To install and get any software for the iPad you MUST go to Apple and any application for your iPad MUST come from the Apple Store. So Apple has 100% control of what applications they allow into their application store.

    So if such an application was written by Microsoft, then Microsoft would have to go to Apple and get Apple's approval and permission for such an application to even be placed in Apple's store.

    So, Microsoft can build such an application but it would be under Apple's control in Apples own store and have been approved by Apple.

    So the ONLY means to get and install this application would be to go to Apple's store.

    It may very well be that Apple would have no problems approving such an application and I not suggesting anything either way in this regards. However, at at the end of the day this would be Apple's call and Apple's choice if such an application was to be allowed in Apple's own store.

    Albert D. Kallal  (Access MVP)

    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • On the plus side both Excel and Onenote work fine in the iPad browser. If you have an external bluetooth keyboard or the dock keyboard then the experience is similar to a desktop.

    Microsoft do have Apps in the iTunes Apps store and if you are lucky enough to have a US iTunes account you can download the native Onenote App for iPad, iPhone and iPod here:

    Microsoft have not forgotten the iPad and I suspect a release of Word, Excel and Powerpoint may happen before the end of 2011.

    Those of us old enough remember that Microsoft actually got its greatest break when they started designing applications (Excel was the first from memory) for a new PC called a Macintosh designed by a company called Apple owned by two blokes called Steve.

  • Thank you all for your posts.

    Just to clarify, I'm having problem with editing Word documents when using Safari on my iPad. And I'm also very aware that I'm not able to install anything manually on IOS devices.

  • Hi All,

    Having also been slightly frustrated with the lack of light editing supported on the iPad, specifically for Word and for PowerPoint I have a proposed solution prior to the rumoured fix that Apple may or may not be working on, perhaps with Microsoft.

    I had a closer look at what was going on with the browser, which clearly indicates that the iPad semi-mobile version of Safari was missing something. I'm going to assume this is because iOS for iPad was ported from the iPhone OS, hence a great deal of full browser functionality is missing.

    Clearly this is an Apple issue as the large screen of the iPad is perfectly capable of supporting a browser with a much richer feature set.

    And now the best bit, I have a solution. You don't have to Jailbreak and it's free too. Download an App called iSwifter and browse to your SharePoint site, open a Word or Powerpoint document, click edit in browser and off you go.

    iSwifter is a browser proxy App, so the process actually happens on the iSwifter servers. As the observant among you will notice iSwifter actually exists as a proxy for Flash content, which iOS famously does not support too.

    Of course as your content goes via a third party you may want to treat this fudge with caution. I make no warranty to any who use it.



    Edit with drag functionality, so you can select text, also works with Puffin. It's a far better experience too although you have to pay for it. It was best 59p (99cents) I've ever spent!

  • Hi serviceteamit,

    Yeah! Great advice! First thing I will do when I get home is to install iSwifter!

  • Outside of Office 365 I noticed that Microsofts Facebook page and some of the forms on the Microsoft site have the same keyboard issues when accessing them from an iPad so it might not be related to O365, maybe just a Microsoft compatibility issue with iPad in general.

    Also, I wouldn't doubt Microsoft indeed has its eyes set on Office on the iPad, I think the issue is going to be on the Apple side of not wanting Microsoft to add a free or near free app that will dominate the app store and push their other apps to the side. There is not question that Microsoft has the best Office Apps out there, even Apple knows this. Afterall, Amazon out a Kindle app out there - and people didn't think that would happen.