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Iphone contact transfer to Office 365 Online

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I want to transfer my contacts from iPhone to  to my Office 365 online web app outlook. When I create contact on my computer on O365 outlook web app it syncs with my iphone, but my iPhone contacts does not sync with O365. Therefore every time I send an email to my iPhone contact I have to manually enter the email address from my iphone. Once I manually enter a contact to Office 365 this syncs to iPhone and create a double entry in the phone. This is an annoying pain. Can somebody please help?

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  • Hi Ali,

    The contacts in iPhone are mixed in one page.

    For example, on my iPhone I have Exchange, iCloud, Gmail, local contacts. They all show up in one page.

    So, if you create a contact in the iPhone contacts page, the contact is created in local contacts group by default. It will not be synced to Office 365.

    You can put a check mark next to the contacts list (like Office 365) you want to see. And then create contacts in it, the contacts will be synced without problems.

    However, there is no official way to transfer iPhone local contacts to Office 365. In order to migrate them we have to do it manually.

    Moreover, there maybe some thrid party tools can do this and some community members who are experienced in this field. We welcome them to share information.


    Jerry Cen

  • Hey, I figured out a way to do this. Follow the following steps:

    1. Back up the contacts to iCloud

    2. Log in to iCloud in the computer( and export the contacts to the computer my documents folder. Contacts will be exported to the computer as icard format.

    3. Log in to Gmail in the computer and import the contacts from my documents which are exported before from iClouded.

    4. Once the contacts are imported to Gmail, click that file and export it to computer my documents as .csv format to be imported to the outlook. ( Make sure to select outlook format)

    5. Now log in to outlook webapp , Select People tab, select settings, import contacts, Browse and select contacts file exported from Google in my documents. That's it, all the contacts in the iPhone in Outlook now.

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  • Hi Ali,

    Thanks for your sharing.