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Business Contact Manager

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Can anyone tell me how to download Business Contact Manager.  I had it installed on Outlook 2007 but when I upgraded to Office 2010, it is no longer in Outlook.  Where can I get the link to install BCM into Outlook?  Thank you.

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  • Hi Capitalvest,

    The Business Contact Manager is not available in Office 2010 subscription service for Office 365.

    If you have other licenses for Office 2010, you can download the Business Contact Manager, provide the license number, finish the installation and you are free to use it.

    Lester Zhang

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  • If you purchased the copy of Office 2007 and 2010 that you are talking about, then you can download it, you will need the Office Key to do so. If however you are using the downloaded Office 2010 that comes with Office 365, then you are out of luck.

    If you purchased go here.

  • Hi Capitalvest,

    Just checking in to see whether the information was helpful. Please let us know whether you would like additional help regarding this issue.

    Lester Zhang

  • I run a small business and I'm using the trial version to evaluate the Office 365.

    Currently my workflow depends on BCM contacts and oportunities.

    I'm still using Outlook 2003 (wow!) and I'm evualatingthe options to upgrade to 2010. I understood the licensing limitations of the Office Business Plus so I know that I need to buy the VL version if I want to use the BCM.

    My question is, if I buy the VL version and the Office 365 Online, can I use BCM online?

    If so, where can I find the information to synchronize my local BCM database with Outlook Online?



  • Hi Abílio,

    The Office 2010 professional plus in Office 365 is a subscription service, which is different from VL license and retail license. For the Office 2010 compatibility question, you may check for reference.

    If the Outlook Online means Outlook Web App, then it cannot be integreated to any BCM service like Outlook desktop software.

    Lester Zhang

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  • Hi Lester

    My decision was almost done, but unfortunately if BCM cannot be integrated I need to look for any other solution.

    For a small business like mine, this was the main feature that I was looking for.

    Yes I know CMR Dynamics, but it is very expensive solution for a small business.


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  • Hi PDReps,

    Appreciate your update.

    Thanks for expressing your requirement and concern, you may submit feedback to provide your requirement in detail. Your feedback will be handled properly. Appreicate your feedback as it will help to improve Office 365 products.

    Lester Zhang

  • You can use BCM with Office 365, the trick is to subscribe to E1 or E2 service and get a Volume license of Office instead as the Office Pro plus included with E3 strangelty do not contain BCM.

    You can even have a shared database working with Exchange accounts with Office 365, I have several users with this scenario. I love BCM as a product and so do many of my customers. I am in the process of installing BCM at a company with 50 users, they decided to go with BCM instead of Dynamics CRM on-premise as the customization would be very expensive.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need more info about BCM with Office 365, I can show using Lync Online.

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  • I am interested in your solution approach, I will appreciate it if you could share your solution approach with me. Here is my scenario. We currently use BCM with outlook 2010 (the BCM database is stored on the server so all our sales share it) . Our objective for 365 is to move to cloud environment, so I am looking at means to synchronize our BCM contact with office 365 online.

    We do not want to use  CRM dues to cost. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

  • To be able to get BCM there are 2 options. 1. Sign up for a Volume License of Office 2010 Pro+. 2. Use a license of Office 2007 with BCM and upgrade to Office 2010 and get a license upgrade key for BCM. Visit this link for all details, I know that it says on this page that it doesn´t work with Office 365, that is only half-way true, you can´t get Office 365 E3 license including Office 2010 Pro+(without BCM! Why you have to ask Microsoft). I have customers with BCM and Office 365, the BCM is to be installed on a Windows Server with preferrably SQL Server 2008 R2 free version. BCM users can take the database in offline mode when they do not have acccess to the server. So yes and no is the answer that BCM works with Office 365, BCM is not hosted as Office 365. It can´t unfortunately be installed on Azure as BCM should run using TCP port 5356 and Azure can only run on standard SQL 1433.

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  • Hello, We are a small professional business that uses Office 365 and wants to implement Business Contact Manager (BCM).  You list Plans E1 and E2, but would it work with the P1 Plan for  Small Businesses and Professionals?  We don't have the "Office Professional Plus - Month to Month" version of the P1 plan.  We purchased 4 copies, each, of the 2010 versions of Outlook, Word, Excell, and OneNote software, installed them on the 4 computers and then connected 3 of them to our Office 356 ( P1 plan).  The 4th computer is a laptop and is used for work outside the office and connects to the office over the internet.

    So far, we have just downloaded and installed BCM on the one laptop computer that doesn't have the software connected to Office 365.  On that computer we access Office 365 through the internet interface and not through Outlook Software.  (The Outlook Software on that computer is connected to a Hotmail/Live account).  

    We have a server with Server 2003 running that connects the 3 computers mentioned for file sharing, but we use Office 365 to host our mail.  Any thoughts?  

    Our objective would be to implement and connect Business Contact Manager in the most effective way, and for all four (4) computers to share the data base?

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreaciated.  [kevin(dot)rush(at)live(dot)com]

  • Hi Kevin,

    It is very confusing as Office 365 is a cloud solution and BCM is and will never be a cloud solution. I don't remember if server 2003 can be used for hosting the needed SQL database for BCM. I suggest that we connect using any online meeting tool. If you have Lync Online with your Office 365 you can connect with me on my email ove (at) I don´t see what timezone you are in, I am in Central European time zone. I will send you an email.