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Web Apps on a BlackBerry 9700

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How can I access Web Apps on my BlackBerry 9700? If I go through the web browser, I can login to Office 365, but when I try to access the webapps, the browser gives an error.
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  • Grant,

    What web apps are you trying to access? Remember that the apps do need to meet certain browser functions and requirements that may not be available on the BlackBerry Browser.

    Thank You,

  • Hi David

    I was trying to access Excel and OneNote. I'm not sure what browser functions are required.

    I tried to login again to get the exact message, however, I now get an error when I try to login from my BlackBerry. "An unexpected error has occurred during login. Please contact your administrator." I have rebooted the phone, but still get the same error. Any suggestions?

  • Grant W, Try installing Opera Mini on your BB and give that a try.