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Do I need an Office Professional Plus Subscription?

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Hi Folks,


I already own licences for MS Office 2010. Do I really need to subscribe to Office Pro Plus to get the sharepoint integration? Another £10 per user per month seems a lot when I already have office 2010 licences prior to signing up to O365.

Is there a seperate office plug-in that will provide the integration with the licences I already have? I hope so....





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  • Jeff,

    No, you do not need it if you already have Office 2010. About the only thing you may be missing is the Sharepoint Workspace, which you can live with-out.

  • Hi Jeffers,

    There is a wizard you can run to integrate your office suite with online services (exchange for outlook,and sharepoint for word,excel etc.) I do nto know too much about it,but please lodge a service reuqest with technical support should you need assitance.

    As Robert stated,Office pro plus is not a requirement once you have office 2007 or higher installed.

    Kind regards,

    Seán O'Sullivan