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SkyDrive Pro stopped synchronizing

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I'm trying to move my local Documents to SkyDrive Pro (using explorer style interface).

The amount of files to upload to SkyDrive Pro is about 11000 files in 3500 directories.

After copying several hundreds folders (with partial copies, not big bang) I tried to copy a folder with 1800 files inside it and I started getting the following error:


Last Attempted Sync:
9/3/2013 14:09

Error Details:
RecordDatabase: Field "ItemChildCount" not found.
Error code=0x80070057; Error source=Groove


After the first occurrence of the error, SkyDrive Pro stopped working. Every time I start or restart SkyDrive Pro I get the same error and SkyDrive Pro is no more synchronizing anything.

How can I get rid of the error and make SkyDrive Pro restart synchronizing?


Thank you.


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  • Hi Paolone,

    If you encounter this issue after failed to upload large numbers of documents with SkyDrive Pro,  please try to reset system cache and your Office account with this article:

    If the issue persists, I would like to confirm if the SkyDrive Pro works well before uploading the large number of documents.

    Eben Liu

  • Hi Eben,


    I read the link you forwarded me and at point 1. I read:

    1. Confirm your issue by clicking the icon for the Microsoft Office Upload Center (in the pop-up at the bottom right of your screen) and verifying that there’s a large number of pending uploads.

    The answer is: no, the list in Upload Center is empty and has been empty since the first occurrence of the error.

    Apparently the GROOVE.EXE process (i.e. SkyDrive Pro) is no more able to decide what Upload Center should upload and goes into the error condition.

    I had too the suspect that the error is given by a too high number of documents to upload but in this case I need to know:

    1. first of all how to restore the functionality of SkyDrive Pro (delete a file, change a registry key or whatever)

    2. how many contemporaneous file uploads can consistently manage the SkyDrive Pro process (considering that however 1800 file in an enterprise context is not such a big number of files).

    About your second question: yes SkyDrive Pro was working correctly until I uploaded folders with small amounts of documens inside (<600).


  • Hi Paolone,

    According to the description and your test, it seems that your files amounts beyond SkyDrive Pro limit. If you’re concerned about exceeding the limits of your SkyDrive Pro library, consider the following options:
    • Instead of uploading documents to your SkyDrive Pro library, upload them to libraries on team sites or community sites you’re following, and in which you have Contribute permission for the libraries.
    • Periodically review the documents you’re storing in your SkyDrive Pro library, and delete documents you no longer need.


  • Since I payed for both Office 2013 and Office 365, is it possible to exactly know which are these limits?

    1. Where you say "upload them to libraries on team sites or community sites you’re following, and in which you have Contribute permission for the libraries.", my question is: will I be able to see those libraries as local folders automatically synchronized on all my computers where I need to access my files (as is for SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro)? Otherwise I don't want to use this solution. I don't need a dumb web interface, I need to access a local copy of files even when I'm offline and access files also from my Windows Phone (that means something like Dropbox: should I migrate to DropBox?)

    2. SkyDrive si (should be) my archive. 90% of documents are there for reference and occasional reuse. I already regularly delete files I don't need any more.


    I would like to add something: I alredy tried to delete some folder to see if SkyDrive Pro is able to restart working. It does not restart working, it's still stuck. May we try at least to make SkyDrive Pro process to restart processing files to be uploaded? 


    Thank you.

  • Hi Paolone,

    It is also supported to use SkyDrive Pro client to sync the libraries in your team site with your local PC. The simplest way to sync a team site library is to go to the library and then click the SYNC button at the top of the page.

    This opens the Sync Library wizard, and automatically recognizes name and web address of the team site library. Click Sync Now to start syncing the library. Click Show my files… in the dialog box to open your synced library folder in Windows Explorer. In Windows Explorer, the synced library folder is placed in the SharePoint Libraries folder. The synced library folder uses the name of the site library.

    You can also start the Sync Library wizard from the SkyDrive Pro menu in your Windows notification area:

    If you have yet to sync any SharePoint libraries to your computer, the Sync Library wizard automatically prompts you to sync your SkyDrive, and references the Web address of your SkyDrive. If you want to sync a different library such as a team site library, you can click Sync a different library instead and then enter the Web address of the SharePoint library you want to sync.

    If you’ve already synced your SkyDrive, the Sync Library wizard prompts you to specify the address of the library you want to sync.


  • Hi Paolone,

    Are there any updates on this issue?

    Mandy Meng