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Skydrive pro only syncing folders and not files

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Hi I have an Online SharePoint account and have downloaded the Skydrive Pro windows client. WHen I sync SkyDrive on SharePoint Online the folders in SharePoint Online sync Ok with my windows client but no files are synced (i.e. no files and downloaded / uploaded  such as word  / excel files)


Have reinstalled office, skydrive pro, deleted the cache , installed the hotfixes...but alas no joy


Can anyone help as I m getting more disillusioned with SKyDrive Pro the more I use it.. Its the perfect solution if only it worked consistently ...





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  • How many files do you have in the document library? The main one in SharePoint? Also, it takes time for it to sync. It will sync the Folder structure first, then it will start syncing files, but it will take a while.

    So, back to the original question, how many files to you have in your document library your trying to sync? Go to SharePoint and in the quick launch, go to "Site Contents" and you will see all your libraries. It will also show you the number of items in the folders, What is that number?

  • Simply 2 folders and 5 files... have waited for a few hours and still nothing.  For info have reinstalled office, deleted the cache, resynced the library and installed the SkyDrive Patch but still no joy



  • oh damn

    never mind then... i was hoping you had a bunch of files and it was just taking a long time, or hoping you might be over the 5000 item limit

    with 2 folders & 5 files, it should sync pretty quick

    Try this, can you go to the bottom right of your screen, in the system tray, and right click on SkyDrive pro and stop syncing the folder, then go back to SHarePoint and hit the sync button again and see if that helps

  • Hi

    Tried that as well. Files still remain un synced :(

  • Hi Paul,

    I would like to confirm the following:

    1. (If possible) Can you install SkyDrive Pro on another computer and see if you can reproduce the issue on that computer?
    2. Is there any error occurred with SkyDrive Pro, Office Upload Center, or the local SkyDrive Pro folder?
    3. Can you sync any other library?

    In the current situation, I suggest you stop sync the library, re-sync it to another folder, for the guide, you can refer to How do I change my default SkyDrive Pro sync folder?

    Let me know if there is any update.

    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Paul,

    Do you have any updates on this issue? Let us know if we can help further.

    Evan Zhang

  • I have a similar problem with a twist.

    Same as the OP, the folders show up in the Skydrive Pro folder but no files.

    Here's the twist:

     - If I save the files from an Office (Word or Excel 2013) application to the sharepoint site. That file (only) shows up on the Skydrive Pro folder on the computer.

    - If I save the file in the Skydrive Pro folder on the computer. It then synchs with the Office 365 sharepoint server.  Confirmed by viewing in through the Office365 portal.

    - If I use the portal to save a file onto the Sharepoint site, the file does not synch to the Skydrive Pro folder on the computer.

    - If I use Explorer or any other application (tried Acrobat and AutoCAD) to place or save a file to the Skydrive Pro folder it does not synch with the Office 365 Sharepoint site.

    Another kicker. I tried the exact same tests with Skydrive (the free one) and everything works fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Note that I have tried all the suggestions in previous posts several times without success.


  • Hi Dennis,

    SkyDrive Pro takes advantage of Office Upload Center to sync documents with SharePoint sites, differ from the Explorer view or upload file from SharePoint sites.

    As you can’t save a file from Office applications to SharePoint sites, there could be some problems with the Office Upload Center. Please open the Office Upload Center from the task bar, and see if any error showed there. Please capture a screenshot of the Office Upload Center and post it here.  (Click on Use Rich Formatting-> Upload a picture)

    Also, you can perform the following steps and see if any improvement:

     1. Clear the Microsoft Office Document Cache by opening the Upload Center->Settings->Delete cached files.

     2. Clear the Office File Cache by going to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\14.0\OfficeFileCache.


     3. Try syncing data with the SkyDrive Pro sync client again.


    Please test this issue on another computer and see if the same error will occur.

    Evan Zhang