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From Desktop to Office 365

  • Hello,

    We just started the Beta. 

    1) Our goal is to get our productivity apps completely on the Web (cloud).  This includes Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.

    2) We do not want to manage any more Microsoft desktop applications.  We are going completely mobile and access to online email and documents is paramount.

    3) First, where do we find the step-by-step instructions, in detail, to migrate our Outlook desktop data for our company to Office 365 including and not limited to the following:

    a) Email Account(s) setup (we presume that setting up Outlook online will be exactly the same as the desktop version)

    b) Migrating PST files from the desktop to Office 365.  This includes importing rules.

    c) Setting up Team member accounts.


    d) Details on much mail box space we can have for each team member.

  • Hi David,

    When you enter MOP, on the left panel you could click Custom Plan under the Setup category. This wizard will help you with the issue for migration from desktop to Office 365.



  • Hello, there is a "SharePoint Online planning guide for Office 365" that describes all steps to move to SharePoint Online.

    I have created a summary of that plan including additional recommendations and limitations of such migration. You can find my summary there