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how long does it take to install office

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how long will it take

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  • Hi Shannonmimi,
    Generally, it needs to take some time to install the latest Office on the computer. We couldn't make sure how long we will take for the Office installation. Office installation depends on the speed and the memory available on the computer. The download depends on Internet speed.
    Ida Qiu
  • I have tested the installation at my work and at home.  I am not entirely sure what my connection from work to the outside world is. However, I do know that my cable modem connection at home is 6MB down and 1MB up.

    At both locations it takes between 30 to 45 minutes to install the full Office 365 x32 version.  That amount of time stays pretty constant no matter the location or time of day.

    Anybody know if this is the amount of time is typical no matter how powerful your local system or how much bandwidth is available?  In other words, the "issue" is on Microsoft's end....?

    Thanks for any feedback!