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Lync 2013 install failing from portal software download

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After our service upgrade we have not been able to install the newest version of Lync from the software section of MOP.  Each time I attempt to install it gets to about 11% and fails with either the following messages that I am attaching the screenshot of.  I am able to install correctly if I go on the Microsoft downloads site and download Lync basic 2013 from there.


I have tried repairing office\running the O15CTRRemove file\re-downloading the installer.




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  • Hi Sublimedyl,

    First of all, please make sure your computer system reach the system requirements for Office 365 ProPlus in the link below.
    You mentioned you tried to use “Fix it” to solve the issue but it didn’t help. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.
    1. Click Start, type in regedit and run this application.
    2. Please find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office.
    3. Please right click on 15.0 folders and click delete.
    Then please try to install the application.

    Yang Yu

  • Same problem .  Yes my PC does meet the requirements as I can install from Microsoft downloads site, just not able to install from MOP software downloads which appears to be a different installer than what is on

  • Hi Sublimedyl,

    In regard to the issue, since it could be caused by various reasons. To solve it, please try the steps below:

    1. Try disabling or temporarily uninstalling your software, since antivirus or antimalware software can potentially interfere with your Office install. . For more information, please see this article: Disable antivirus software.
    2. Use Disk Cleanup to delete temporary internet files and temporary files from the PC. For information on how to use Disk Cleanup, please see this article if you have Windows 7: Delete files using Disk Cleanup. Or, see this article if you have Windows 8: Delete files using Disk Cleanup (Windows 8).
    3. Try stopping the printer service in the PC. On a Windows 8 PC, type services.msc from the Start screen and tap or click services in the list of results, on a Windows 7 PC, click Start > Run, type services.msc, and then click OK. Look through the list of services, find Print Spooler, and open it. Tap or click Stop, and then tap or click OK, then try installing Office again. Once Office is installed on your PC, you can go back to the list of services and open Print Spooler.

    For more solutions about this issue, please refer to: General troubleshooting for installing Office 2013 and Office 365.

  • Still no dice with any of the suggestions.  I can just install from the Microsoft downloads site for our end users.

  • Also tried every different step on the site except for uninstalling office 2010 which should not have to be done to install Lync Basic 2013 since I can install it just fine from  Installer supplied on just does not seem to work correctly for some reason errors out always at 11% of install.

  • Hi Sublimedyl,

    Could you please check if Office 2013 is listed in your program list? To solve the issue, please try the steps below:

    1. If Office 2013 is listed there, please try uninstall it completely first.
    2. Perform a clean boot of the PC (, then try reinstalling it and if it works.
    3. Also, try installing it from a clean PC with no Office products installed on it and see if it works.
    4. If you’re in an internal network (like the local AD user), please try installing it from another network environment to check if it will work.
  • We have Office Professional Plus 2010 installed on our workstations.  I tried a clean boot and the same issue occurs.  I am going to try to install on PC with no Office installations and see what happens.  I was able to install Lync Basic 2013 on my home PC with out any problems from MOP site.

  • Just tried it on a fresh install of Windows 7 PC with no Office products and same thing errors out at 15%

  • Hi Sublimedyl,

    From the information you’ve provided, did you get this error when trying to start an Office 2013 desktop app?

    If yes, I’m sorry but according to this thread (, the issue could be a known issue in Office 2013.

    I suggest you post a new thread in our Office Forum to check the issue. At the same time, you can use the Lync 2013 Basic client as a temporary workaround until there is a fix for the specific issue.

  • Hi Neo,

    This is happening when trying to install Lync Basic 2013 from software downloads on

    It errors out at around 11% of the install, but installs fine from the download from

    There is no Office client installed on the PC I am testing it out on currently.

  • Hi Sublimedyl,

    I know that you can install Lync using the MSI version, however the specific known issue is related to the click-to-run version of Office 2013, which is provided in Office 365.

    The issue could also be caused by the antivirus or the group policies, which may prevent Office 2013 from installing, I suggest you try installing it in a fresh new PC with no domain joined or no antivirus installed on it, and check if the issue will be resolved.

  • Hi Sublimedyl,

    How are things going? Does the issue happen if you tried to install on another PC?

    Yang Yu

  • Hi Yang,

    Yes this happens on 5 PC's I have tried installing Lync Basic 2013 from the portal.  I am able to install from the microsoft download site with no issue.

  • Hi Sublimedyl,

    After consulting with our senior member, I would like to collect below information with you.
    1. What kind of Office 365 plan are you using right now?
    2. Could you post a screenshot of the click-to-run file or tell me the click-to-run file name?

    Yang Yu

  • Hi Yang,

    Here are the answers:

    1. Office 365 Enterprise E1

    2. setuplyncentryretail.x86.en-us_