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Opening .msg documents

  • We file various Office documents into various folders in Sharepoint Online.

    We also file emails in .msg format into client folders.


    All other documents Word, Excel etc open with a click on teh file name.

    However .msg file formats do not and have to be downloaded to the local PC to be opened in Outlook.


    Is it possibole for .msg files to be opened in the same was as for example .docx?

  • Hello

    MSG is a file format which is not supported by Office Web Apps and need to be downloaded and open using a client supporting MSG file format (such as Outlook)

    Office Web Apps is only managing Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)

  • Hello DonnaH,

    The information that Benoit provided is correct, opening MSG files directly from SharePoint Online is not supported.  If you have any additional questions please let us know.

    Tim Larson
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

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  • Hello DonnaH,

    Do you have any other questions regarding opening MSG files from SharePoint online?

    Tim Larson
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support
  • "opening MSG files directly from SharePoint Online is not supported" and Office 365 is an *improvement* over BPOS?

    Can't open pdf files

    Can't open msg files

    RSS feeds disappeared

    Checked out documents web part no longer works

    We have been transitioned for 3 days. I am not impressed.

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  • This problem is ridiculous.  It is the sort of thing it would never occur to someone to verify if it worked or not before using, it is too basic of an oversight.

  • Apprently it's not a "problem" Bill. It's a "feature". This was done on purpose! To protect us from rogue code that could be embedded in our own files. By militant, comunist, fanatical terrorsists, hell bent on adding viruses to my PDFs and MSGs, one assumes.

  • Hey Bill! I discovered that you can open pdf and msg files if you use Firefox. Although... Firefox won't let you open in Windows Explorer or upload multiple files.

    I guess we'll have to run two browsers simultaneously?