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Why is Lync 2013 preview so bad??

  • Please could someone tell me why the Lync 2013 preview is so bad?

    I went to offer my feedback to be told on a web page that support was to be found through a link which leads to a page which cannot be found. This link: hosts this link: http://itweb/v7/lync/Pages/home.aspx which does not work!

    What's going on Microsoft?

    As for the application itself - it is almost unusable. You cannot add users from your own organisation to a group so you can see there presence without having to search for them.

    None of the capabilities to manage contacts work - it's terrible. For example; add a contact that is in my organisation asks you to search for your contact and then right click to add them! When I search I can see them and the right click has an Add to Favourite option - but there is no option to see favourites!

    Another example. When you are in the main screen under Groups, you see nothing and cannot do anything with it! Right click doesn't offer any help at all.

    Effectively it's useless.

    Instant messaging has been around for ages. It's really simple. So my question again is why is Lync 2013 Preview so bad? Is it any better in the full version of Office 365 2013? I hope so, because I was hoping to use it in my office as the digital PABX and be able to forward to mobiles etc. but right now I am not at all convinced and it is letting the entire O365 experience down...

    I'm curious as to how someone from MS will respond to this. Looking forward to it!


  • Hi Neil, I understand you're having trouble adding and managing contacts in Lync 2013. Here are some resources that might help:

    Here are some more general links to help, quick-reference guides, and videos:

    Help topics about Lync Online --

    Quick Reference guides about Lync Online --

    Videos about Lync for Office 365

    I hope you'll find these resources helpful. Please feel free to update this thread with your feedback; we're committed to helping make sure your overall experience is a positive one.


    Patrick Kelley

    Technical Writer, Lync and Lync Online

  • Hi Neil, regarding the bug you encountered with the feedback link: the most current version of Lync 2013 is 15.0.4454.1504, so if you uninstall and reinstall Lync, you'll find that the feedback link works as expected.


    Patrick Kelley

  • Thanks for the links Patrick, but much of the information in them does not relate to what I am seeing when I use my version of Lync. For example, the help on adding contacts to a group talks about an "Add to Contacts List" option in the context menu when you have found the person you want to add. That option does not exist for me. That's a pretty fundamental thing that I can't do...

    If I try to add a New Group, I get a message telling me that this is not possible at the moment.

    Your option for uninstalling and reinstalling Lync is more difficult than I expected too! As I am part of the Office 365 preview, I need to uninstall the entire suite and then re-install as I don't appear to have an option to uninstall Lync on its own. I ran the installer yesterday and I get the same version of Lync that I had previously so I am no further ahead.

    All in all I'm stall baffled and the easiest thing I have found is to close Lync down and use something else for IM and conferencing.

  • Hi Neil, so sorry to hear that you're not seeing these features. I'm fairly certain it's because of the version of Lync you're using, so I've asked one of the support technicians to contact you and see if we can't get that solved.

  • Hi Neil,

    According to your description, I noticed that you are still using Office 365 Preview Plan, so Lync version will not be changed even if you uninstall and reinstall it.

    And now, Microsoft has provided free trial account with full  functions, so I suggest you register a new account and reinstall Office 2013 in your portal.

    Before you install the release version of Office 2013, you’ll need to remove the Preview version. Please see Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 for more information, including a Fix it that will automatically remove the Preview.

    The following article will also be helpful for you:

    If you have any question or concern about Office 365, please feel free to contact us.


    Kevin Huang

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the information - although this is more than a little annoying. One of the key selling points behind Office 365 is a move away from administration nightmares like this by using a Cloud platform that upgrades automatically to the latest version. Whilst I understand this is a trial, surely showcasing that capability is all part of demonstrating to people that O365 is the way to go. Having to plan for an upgrade of a preview version to a full version, even as a trial is inconvenient. I would expect that even locally installed versions of Office would be able to upgrade to take advantage of new releases through the Office Update service and that would include Lync?

    So...I have no desire to do that. If I am going to go through the effort I want to move on to a subscription of O365 and would appreciate some advice on the best way of doing that.

    At the moment we use our company email addresses to authenticate with the O365 preview. If I sign up for a O365 subscription - will I be able to continue to use those email addresses - i.e. can I move them to be associated with the full account rather than the preview?

    I have the same question for the account name that I have used for the trial which is also my company domain. I will want to be able to use that for my subscription account. The previous information I have seen suggests that there is no way to upgrade from a trial to a full account, and that all content within a trial account will be deleted. Is that still the case? Does this affect the account name that I am able to choose for a subscription?

    I don't want a long break in service between cancelling my trial and starting a subscription. I am happy to download all of my content and backup my email (if that is really necessary) but need to know that my account name is going to be available and that I will be able to us my email address currently associated with my preview account with the subscription account.

    Please could you let me know what you advise in this circumstance so that I can plan for a migration to a subscription of O365 2013 Small Business.

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Neil,

    Before you verify your current domain in a new tenant, you need to remove verified domain in Preview plan. Moreover, if you would like to release the tenant domain information ( you register Office 365 Preview, I suggest you contact our sales and billing support to release it. After that, you can register tenant domain in a new tenant. I have sent a private message to you and you can refer to it.

    At this time, we cannot upgrade Preview Plan to trial/formal plan. So, we can backup all mailboxes as PST files in Preview Plan and export to a new tenant.

    Johnny Zhang