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Is it possible to cancel Microsoft Office Professional Plus Trial?

  • I signed up for the Microsoft Office Professional Plus Trial before I realized what it was. But, I already own Microsoft Office 2010 with all the Office apps I want. I never installed whatever files come with the subscription. At this point, I see no benefit to a Microsoft Office Professional Plus subscription and would like to cancel the trial and not be pestered about purchasing a subscription.


    Is there a way to cancel my trial and indicate the reason for the cancellation? When the subscription version is substantially improved from the software I have, I may purchase a subscription, but I'd like at least for the Microsoft marketing machine (both literally and figuratively) to understand that nothing they can say would interest me in a subscription when I already own the book.



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  • Hello

    during trial period, you can't cancel subscriptions or options

    you will be able to choose what to buy when subscribing for 'non trial' Office 365 licences

  • Hello CMG,

    If you'd like to cancel your trial, please use our Contact Support page to contact our billing team, the Customer Partner Care department.  I believe they can make your trial expire immediately.

  • I called. I now receive an Alert that one of my subscriptions has been disabled and will be removed in 29 days. Still, perhaps I shortened by one month the total length of time I need to ignore Alerts.

  • Hello CMG,

    My apologies for that.  What you might want to do is ask them to completely remove the trial, they might be able to speed up the deprovisioning process that removes your account completely.