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Trouble reading meeting requests on Blackberry

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I am using Office 365. 


When I send a meeting request using Outlook 2010, my colleagues cannot read the request on their blackberries.  It comes through with a URL in the body with a bunch of letters and numbers and no information about the meeting - no time, date, subject.  And they cannot accept or decline the meeting request on their blackberry.  We are using Blackberry Curves.



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  • Hi Philip,

    According to the description you provided, it seems that the BlackBerry users have set up Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) for use with Office 365.

    Currently, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for BlackBerry is not available at this time. That means we may not be able to sync calendars, contacts and meeting request between Exchange Online and our mobile device, except receive/send emails.

    Microsoft is no longer providing a Hosted BlackBerry® service for Exchange Online. Research In Motion (RIM) will be providing a cloud-enabled BlackBerry® service  to enable those capabilities. The cloud-enabled BlackBerry service is not official released currently.

    Grace Shi

  • Grace,

    I'm not asking about syncing.  The problem is actually being able to read the meeting request on my blackberry.  it comes through as jibberish.  

  • Hi Philip,

    To narrow down the issue, I would like to confirm some information with you:
    1. If the BlackBerry users are Office 365 users? the receiving meeting request account is Office 365 account.
    2. If those users can receive meeting request, read and accept successfully before?
    3. If the meeting request can be received, read or accepted via Outlook and OWA?

    As Exchange Online service for blackberry will be provided by RIM, so it is recommended to accept meeting request on OWA.

    Grace Shi

  • 1.  The users are Office 365 users and they are receiving the meeting request on their office 365 accounts on their blackberries.

    2. The users could receive and reply to meeting requests using internet email accounts before switching to office 365.

    3.  Meeting request come through pefectly on Outlook 2007 and 2010 on desktop and laptop computers, as well as the Office Web Application.  

  • Hi Philip,

    Accepting a meeting request with BlackBerry is not available at this time. Based on the situation, it is recommended to use OWA to accept meeting request.
    Meanwhile, it is highly appreciate you may submit a feed about the problem with the follow link:
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Grace Shi

  • Is this still the case?  We recently switched to Office 365 from a hosted 2007 platform and we did have the ability in the past the accept meeting on our Blackberry's.  * months has passed this this posting has anything changed?


  • Hi BruceABC,

    Thanks for posting here.

    Currently, (Research in Motion) RIM provide a hosted BlackBerry service for Office 365 customers, known as BlackBerry Business Cloud Services. Blackberry Business Cloud Services will provide BlackBerry users with email, calendar, PIM, and additional capabilities. If you are Office 365 Enterprise users and have set up BBCS service on your BlackBerry mobile device, please contact our partner, RIM is best suited to help you with Office 365 BlackBerry Business Cloud Service issues and can give you additional information and support at the following sites:

    • Forums: (English)

    • Blog: (English)

    • Twitter:

    Twitter@BlackBerryHelp (English)

    Grace Shi

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  • We do have the Blackberry Cloud services.  The answer for us was settings in the Portal to go to options, settings, under the Calendar Tab, under Automatic Processing options, select "Automatically process requests and responses from external senders" (we were only having the issue with external requests, internal worked fine all along)

  • BruceABC,

    where is options?  Is it in the BlackBerry Business Cloud or somewhere else?

  • Log into Outlook Web Access portal with internet explorer (OWA)

    As a user on the mail screen click "options" in the top right corner

    From the drop down select "see all options"

    on the left side of the window that appears click on "Settings"

    Across the top click on "calendar"

    In the botton right you should see a section called "Automatic Processing"

    Check the option "Automatically process requests and responses from external senders"

    this was the setting that fixed it for us.

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  • thanks, I was trying to do it from the admin panel.

    Do you know if there is a way to change the default for all users?

  • I suspect you could use a powershell script to update the attribute for all users.

    I am new to powershell so tend not to use it to its full capabilites.

    You can do it for a user if you are logged in as admin.  

    After choosing see all options the yop left has a drop down to manage myself or another user.

  • I'm very disappointed yet again by RIM / Microsoft taking features away without foresight to see its hurting the business.

    Before I migrated my small business to Office 365 (P1) I was able to send and recieve meeting invites via my blackberry, now I cant unless I login through OWA (slow on ANY Blackberry), and I still cant see the appointment on my blackberry untill I sync using desktop manager!!

    I've been a Blackberry hardcore supporter untill now... I can use active sync on numerous other devices and get my mail ,calendar and contacts synced without any issue. I hate to say it, but iPhone is probably going to be the only option for me unless MS 365 and RIM change their thinking very quickly, and I know there are thousands of other users experiencing the same problem as noted here.


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