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office and 365 do i need to buy office or is this 365 like Google docs?

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Do i need to purchase office or is 365 like Google docs where i can use there programs and cloud instead of purchasing a program such as office???????

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  • mark,

    That would all depend on your needs. If you plan to do very simple typed documents and spreadsheets, then I guess you could just use the web apps, if on the otherhand you want to produce some quality papers, then I would get a copy of office, the desktop can do a lot more than the web apps.

  • Hello markjohnson6011,

    Some of our offerings include a subscription to O365 Professional plus.  Specifically, the Enterprise E3 and E4 plans include this, but they also start at $24/month.  If all you need is the Small Business plan P1 ($6/month) and you want advanced document editing then I would recommend that you purchase an Office SW package for each of your client computers.

    Thank you,

    Todd Douglass - MSFT Support Engineer