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microsoft office not a valid win32 application

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When trying to install Office 365 I get an error message of "... microsoft office not a valid win32 application" and am unable to install office. My machine is running of Windows XP, I have uninstalled previous versions of office, still not working. Any ideas?
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  • Hi Frogster,

    The “is not a valid Win32 application” error is caused by the incompatible operating system you are using. The Office 2013 works on Win 7 and Win 8 only. For more information, here is a site for your reference: Why can’t I install Office 2013 on Windows XP or Windows Vista?

    In addition, this is a site providing further information: System requirements for Office 2013.

    Maggie Li

  • Hi,

    Since XP will no longer be supported after next spring, you should upgrade, if you look arounf some stores still have the Windows 8 upgrade for $69, it is worth it for the new speed alone.

    BTW, if you have room on your drive, or install a second drive, you have the machine dual boot, so XP can stay if there are things that you can't live with-out.

  • It would be good get to get a clarification on just what will work with the new 365. Preview accounts worked fine on XP with Pro Plus 2010, so presumably that will continue. If not, I'll have a lot of disgruntled users who either can't or don't want to upgrade the OS they use and certainly didn't bargain for that when signing up for 365. 
  • Hi Matt,

    The web parts will work, they will work on almost anything, I used them on a Blackberry Playbook, and a Google Chromebook. But if you purchase the Premium as a cheap way to upgrade Office, then no it won't work, Office 2013 desktop clients only run on 7 an 8 as pointed out, yes you can access the web, yes you can still use Office 2010 or at least parts of it.