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Comcast email account will not work in Office365

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Setup my Comcast account via the "Connected Accounts" menu. Office365 did the setup automatically but chose the wrong mail server ( instead of and username (full email address instead of the portion of email address before @). I received / replied to the confirmation email.  Status changed to "downloading" for a while, then changed to "delayed". Got an email from Office365 (email address obfuscated by me):

Mail can't be downloaded from the following account:

There was a problem logging on to this account. Please confirm that you've entered the correct user name and password in the Connected Accounts details. After your changes are saved, the server will try to connect again.

I tried to manually put in the account info, using the exact same information that works in Outlook 2010 on my office PC. When i try to save the information I get this error:


The value has no contents Parameter name: toCheck


Need to resolve this, as I'm testing on my own accounts prior to recommending / migrating some clients to Office365.


Please advise if anyone has seen / resolved this issue.








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  • Hello Sorice,

    Have you tried removing and re-adding the connected account?

  • Yes. Tried that several times and tried variations on username, mailserver, etc. I know the correct settings (since Outlook 2010 works fine at the office) but O365 will not accept them.

  • Sigh... Did not worry about this much, since mine is just a personal account. I'm now starting to convert customers to O365 and one has a comcast account that is important. No matter what I try I STILL can't get my comcast email to work in O365. Latest errors include O365 saying the account was added successfully, but then the emailed link that is sent to verify the account fails to work (verification failed, please try again later sort of message. Now account has status of "delayed" and if I try to re-send verification email, I get the error "Teh value has no contents Parameter name: toCheck"

    Can't offer O365 to anyone with comcast until I can at least get MINE to work.

    Any ideas are welcome (other than what I've already tried as referenced above).

  • Did you ever find out what was the cause of this problem? I am having they same issue with comcast, and godaddy emails. No matter what they will not download emails.. I am a consultant too and I know the settings are correct. Thanks!

  • Sorry - never found an answer and gave up trying - have not revisited the issue since and am not sure if it's been resolved. Let me know if you find a solution. Thanks!

  • I've got quite a few clients with Comcast email addresses that wanted to go with O365 but have told them to avoid it. I'd think Microsoft would help us consultants solve these issues so we can sell their offerings to our clients...

  • Yeah you would think so.. Ok thanks for the reply! I will let you know. Not like theres a number to call or chat rep. or anything. haha

  • I posted note on another one of these Comcast headache threads. While part of the problem may likely be in Office 365, the flip side may be with Comcast. I'm about to have Comcast internet services forced down my throat where I live. Fortunately, I've shifted my e-mail accounts to Windows Live & Office 365 which Outlook supports reliably most of the time, but I had Comcast before. (Was so happy when I moved where I am now & they had another service & I wasn't dealing with Comcast.)

    Anyway it wasn't easy setting it up to automatically download my Comcast e-mails to Outlook. I never received many of my e-mails (even when I went direct to the Comcast site to check them) & I was constantly nagged for my passwords in OUtlook through the course of the day.

    You may need to contact Comcast's internet tech support line for your area to (1) get the correct server information to use with Office 365 and (2) assistance with setting the e-mail accounts on the Comcast end to interface with Office 365 as well as desktop/laptop based Outlook. Be prepared for the technician to be clueless or keep you on hold forever.

    I checked the Comcast forum regarding connecting Comcast e-mail to Office 365/Outlook/Outlook Express. It only discusses setting it up on your PC with Outlook Express or Outlook & provides a link for doing so within Windows Live Mail. It may be necessary for Comcast users wanting to connect those accounts to Outlook in Office 365 to post a question on this topic. Have a funny feeling Comcast isn't reliably supporting use of their e-mail accounts with Office 365 at this time.

  • OK I will try, I don't know, I actually got a competent support tech. the last time that I called.haha He was nice and helped me configure a new broadband modem.  Any way, I will post there and see what happens. Thanks a lot for the reply! This is a major pain, because all of my other email is set up and working, including the enemy (gmail)

  • While waiting for the Comcast install tech to come this morning I did a little snooping in their support pages. It looks like you can only shift your Comcast e-mail to Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 installed directly on your computer or the corresponding version of Outlook Express. They don't even have information about using Outlook in Office 365 on their site. However, if it's any help Comcast e-mail accounts are POP3. I'll experiment after I get all the hardware configurations adjusted this change to Comcast is causing me.

  • Yes, I know of this. Unfortunately I have been working with MS's support team for almost 2 weeks now, we are no closer to a fix then 2 weeks ago. They are stumped I think. They keep passing me up the food chain, and trying the same setup with pop. Nothing works, I told them I tried all that with the other techs but they still have to try. I will update if we get anywhere. I will update if this gets resolved...