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Will Access Services publish to my public web site?

  • How do I get Lists to publish to my public web site?  Is this done with Access Services?

    This is the main reason I was interested in Microsoft 365 so that my customers can receive up to date information and interact with me.  I am in the trial period and am reluctant to purchase without this capability.


  • Hi Don,

    I wanted to get a bit more information before I answer.

    Are you looking to have a List from your internal Site published/linked to the public-facing Site?  There are pages that you can create which will facilitate what you're wanting to do without the List feature (Announcement page, Press Release, etc).

  • Publishing lists was possible in OLSB but it's been disabled in 365. Using the public site editor the pages referenced above aren't available. Why on earth the ability to create lists was included in the public offering without the ability to do anything with them is beyond me. 

    There are some hacks out there that grant lists anon permissions but still they can't be deployed on pages managed with the editor.This omission defeats the entire purpose of running a public site on SP. Other platforms are easier to use and offer many more features.

  • Hi Don and mch,

    mch, you're correct.  The same kind of basic functionality can be used with some of the other pages that are created, but at the present, Lists are not able to exist on the public-facing site.