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  • Can Office 365 with Web Apps be used to replace the installation of Office on a workstation or laptop?  If so how do we test this in this beta program?  I have removed office from a test machine.  

  • Hi Noel,

    Office Web Apps does not contain the full feature set that Office 2010 contains, so no, Office Web Apps is not a direct replacement. To see which features are retained, check out the Office Web Apps overview at


  • I have bought a single user E2 Plan and I hoped that this was just "plug & play"... I can't even find the Office Web Apps icons

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  • I am attempting to add the DNS record for my domain.  None of the 365 instructions include my provider, Host Gator.  The fields available at Host Gator are Name, TTL, Type, and address.  Host Gator says that Name must be a domian name with an optional period at the end.  Address must be an IP address.

  • Office web apps is delivered through sharepoint. Office Web apps allows you to edit a document within sharepoint without having to download it first.

  • Please contact me if you need help setting up your domain with HostGator

  • Is it possible to create new documents with office web apps from sharepoint Online or is it just for editing existing documentets?

  • I had our admin turn on the Office Web Apps Feature in our Office 365, but I am  not seeing the apps on my home page.  How can I see the Office Apps?

  • I am working with a university and I am looking to use Office 365 but I need a web site.   Sharepoint is too expensive, so I am looking at O365 but I need a web site.  I have called support but I am not certain that 365 will give me robust web site build ability. Can you shed light on this subject?    What development environement is used to build the web site in O365?  Expression Web? Sharepoint?  I am speaking of the P1 license selection.  I will start with two but grow over time to about 15.

  • You need to have the E3 plan in order to have access to the Office Web Apps

  • PJinMaryland,

    The tool you want to be looking at is SharePoint Designer:

  • Office365 is unable to setup connected accounts towards my POP email .   My phone is able to do it, so why not Office365 ?   I have a Palm Pre 2.   I have followed every instruction, and also tried manual setup.   I have scrutinized the forums and it seems this is a common problem, and no-one proposes a solution that works.

    If this does´t work, Office 365 is not for me.

  • Hello.......    ( ekko ? )    Anybody out there ?      Any Office365 users left ......?     I guess not.    Well, that´s it for me.  Byebye

  • when will the trail starts