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Exchange migration to O365? Where in the admin panel?

  • Im testing out O365 for a client.  They have an old dying server with 2003 Server on it.


    I want to migrate their exchange info and bring them to the cloud.  So I watch the videos, from a training site, and they talk about the exchange admin panel.


    So... where is it?


    I have a trial version of the O365 for small business + professionals.  My client is 2 people.


    What am I missing?  thx

  • Hello Mighty Big Al,

    When you sign into the Office 365 Portal, go to Admin, and under where it says Outlook you can choose 'General Settings' and that'll take you into the Exchange Control Panel.

  • where is the admin ?? where is the portal speek english please or show a screen shot very bad support for small businesses who are not tech gurus

  • Hello TomPMWorkshopadmin,

    Please create a new post if you have any questions or concerns.  This is the second time today you've posted to an old inactive thread.

    To answer your question directly, if you haven't used Office 365 before, the Office 365 Portal is  It is known as the Office 365 Portal and the Microsoft Online Portal, and it's your first step to sign in to start using Office 365 services.  From there you can choose Admin, as I described above.  If you don't see the admin link at the top of the page, you aren't currently an admin and will have to have one of your company admins make the change you want.