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can't unistall office professional plus 365, can't install- totally useless

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Hi, I've just spent 4 hours trying to install the trial of office 365. I wanted to install the microsoft office professional plus, and saw that I must do that first. I am on a vista 64 bit machine which is up to date with no anti virus on. The only versions of office I had were the trial versions (2007) came with this machine, and I was fine with those being uninstalled. 

My first error was after the professional plus said "extracting files". The installation just hung. I waited 45 minutes, then cancelled it. Even changed my printer microsoft document printer like I found online. Didn't help. So I went to add remove programs  and tried to uninstall the professional plus from there. I just get the error "the language does not match your machine" or something like that. I've tried MrFix it, but it's still in add remove programs.


This really shouldn't be this hard. At this point, I just want to get all this off my machine and cancel my trial. How do I get all of this off my machine?????

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  • Since those 2007 versions were on there, the install time would have been extended by a lot (Sorry I can't be more exact) You should have waited it out.

    I would suggest you try the install of 2010 again and if it doesn't error out, then just wait it out. Let's see if you can get it to the point that the uninstaller will run. The last machine I let the older version get upgraded probably took an hour or so. (It was an older machine)

  • thanks! I actually would if I could get back to the installer part! It gets thru "Extracting files, please wait" and then just says "the installer has encountered an error. The program will close and microsoft will search for a solution.".

    btw, this went fine on my husbands machine, so i copied over the installer file from his machine. won't work on mine.

  • I actually see office products (word, etc) under my start menu. When I click on it it tries to install, then wants me to tell it where "ProPlusSubWW.msi" is. Any guess?

  • Sounds like the extraction part didn't go well. Can you try resetting to a restore point before you started it? That should get you another go.

  • i've tried 3 restores going back 5 days- I just tried this office plus program 6 hours ago. Every time i try running the installer, it still just gets past extracting files , then "has had a problem and will close".

    this looks great on my husbands pc, but this is a no if both pcs can't use this. should i just keep restoring back? try something else?


  • system restore fails every time. so now i'm stuck. i can't finish the installation, i can't uninstall everything. any ideas on how to fix this? thanks!

  • Leann,

    I think you can try to this method: clean up the previous office client, and re-install office 2010 again.

    Here is a link to help you clean up and uninstall office:

  • Hello Leann,

    How are things going? Is the problem resolved?

    Grace Shi

  • Hello Leann,

    Have you tried uninstalling Office 2007?  You can try the following article:


    Bill Fiddes